Scott, Others’ Murder Case Prosecutors Clash Over US$150 Distribution By: Yassah J. Wright


In the case involving former Chief Justice of Liberia, Gloria Musa-Scott and others murder trial, the Acting County Attorney of Montserrado, Cllr. Swahilo Sesay, has accused prosecutors who were representing the Ministry of Justice (MoJ ) of siphoning US$150, 000 intended for the Charloe Musu’s murder trial. Cllr. Sesay’s accusation comes about six(6) after Criminal Court ‘A’ convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and several of her family members of murdering Charloe. The funds distributed, according to him, was released by the Comptroller Milton Gaye to the former Solicitor General Counselor Nyanti Tuan for presentation to him, but at that time he was facing the Supreme Court’s one-month suspension from the practices of law in the country. It was intended to transport, feed and lodge lawyers and witnesses if the case were to be transferred from Montserrado County to any other courts outside of Monrovia. But, Sesay said their contention to transfer the case did not materialize as the lawyers were expected to refund some of the monies. Cllr. Sesay accused Counselors Bobby Livingston, the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Adolphus Karnuah, a former county attorney, Aloysious Allison and the Solicitor General of diverting the funds to their personal use. However, the accused prosecutors have so far denied the allegations terming it as “baseless and untrue.” Sesay also claimed that the funds was distributed right before his own eyes by the accused prosecutors l. “Livingston, Karnuah, former Cllr. Nyanti Tuan and the other prosecutors distributed the money right in front of me,” Sesay alleged. He also claimed that prior to the distribution of the funds, he was facing a month suspension by the Supreme Court. He further alleged that after the accused prosecutors shared the funds among themselves, he was left to single handedly funds the expenses associated with the proceedings. “I provided my personal money to transport the Pathologist to visit the homes of Cllr Scott. I also paid for the transportation of the Correction officers who did the presenting investigation. Let any of them deny that,” he claimed. When the reporter contacted Cllr. Tuan, he denied sharing the money with the other prosecutors, although the funds was intended to facilitate lawyers and witnesses from Monrovia to where the case would have been transferred during to prejudice. “The funds met its intended purposes,” Cllr. Tuan clarified.  For his part, Cllr. Karnuah denied the allegations of his involvement.”I did not receive a dime from the money,” Karnuah refuted the claim. But, he failed to provide further explanation of the money, instead he referred the reporters to Comptroller Gaye. When Gaye was contacted, he said he could not comment on the matter.  As for Livingston, he argued that he has no role to the management of money.  “I am from Financial Intelligence Unit and I have nothing to do with money related to murder cases. If it were for financially related matter, I would have commented,” Livingston clarified.  According to him, Sesay does not have knowledge of the working of the Ministry of Justice. “Sesay is ignorant when it comes to prosecutors’ funds and the working of the Ministry. Sesay allegation is untrue and baseless,” he noted. Also, Allison denied playing any major role in the murder trial, when contacted.”I was not active with the matter asked anyone of them,” Allison said. But he did explain about the reason for his inactiveness as one of the lead lawyers for Criminal Court ‘A

Meanwhile, Cllr. Livingstone stated that Cllr. Sesay should leave that post as Acting County Attorney by now because President George M. Weah told all of his appointees to step down on January 22, 2024, stressing that instead, he (Sesay) is passing impersonating. He said the total money that went to the Ministry of Justice was US$130k, and that money went to the controller of the Ministry. He revealed that Cllr. Sesay received US$3,000 of that money and he (Livingstone) received US$6,000 and the records of their receipts are to the Ministry of Justice.

Cllr. Livingstone stated that Cllr. Sesay joined the case during the final argument period after his suspension was lifted by the Supreme Court of Liberia. Cllr. Livingstone said Sesay knows nothing about prostituting and he should step down because his time as Acting County Attorney is over.

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