Questions From Scott Lawyers Objected By: Yassah J Wright


The Prosecution representing VarleeTelleh in court has objected to almost all of former Chief Justice Gloria Musu-Scott and others lawyers’ questions while on the witness stand.  The main reason that caused the objections sustained by the Judge was  that the subpoena prayed by the defendants’ lawyers which was sent to witness Telleh, was not within the pail of the subpoena and that  they introduced facts not testified to by the witness on the stand. Judge Roosevelt Willie said witness Telleh was subpoenaed based on telephone number that was given to the Court so the witness is not on trial and if the defendants’ lawyers have any information based on the telephone that is provided and all of the telephone numbers that have been provided by him, they can provide it so that he (Telleh) can testify to them rather than asking the witness as though he is a regular witness. Subpoenaed Witness Telleh called his number, his wife and children numbers openly in court, which follows: 0778371222, 0880260385 and 0776632470.

Judge Willie stated that witness Telleh will not be allowed to answer and if the defendants’ lawyers continue to ask as though Telleh is a regular witness, the question will not be allowed for him to answer therefore the objection is sustained and he  must not answer the question.

He pointed out that witness Telleh provided his numbers as stated in the subpoena, which as far as the Court is concerned, is not unconstitutional; so having provided those numbers as requested by Scott lawyers, the burden is now on the defendants to tell the court or provide information that will contradict based on the telephone numbers provided and it is not in the preview of the witness to testify against himself. Judge Willie revealed that during the arguments that brought witness Telleh in court, the Defense Counsel said that they have a telephone number that will prove to the Court what happened on that day so the invitation bringing him in court and other GSM Companies and the only way it can be done is to convince the court and based on the call logs given to the Court. “You can now see that something went wrong is either Telleh on the stand or other but to do otherwise is to treat this witness as a regular witness and this witness must not answer that question because he is not a regular witness; more to that, he cannot testify against himself except the defense lawyers have a contrary information to the telephone provided to the Court and the objection is sustained, witness Telleh must not answer the question,” Judge Willie noted. He also stated that if defendants lawyers have a contrary information, they should bring it to the Court; say,” We have the telephone number for Varlee Telleh and your did best to subpoena those numbers and find out as to whether he (Telleh) communicated to anyone from the Genesis Security or anybody.” The Resident Circuit Judge of Criminal Court “A”  argued that for Scott lawyers to continue to ask witness Telleh is to treat him as a regular witness and to testify against himself is unconstitutional.

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