71 Yrs-Old Man Allegedly Commits Suicide


Jenkins Ben, a man believed to be in his early 70s has reportedly committed suicide just  few hours after he was accused of spiritually contributing to the death of Grand Gedeh County Electoral District #1 Representative, Erol Madison Gwion. Rep. Madison is reported to have died in India where he had gone to seek short-term medication. However, some residents in Grand Gedeh County, following the death of the lawmaker, declared violent protest on grounds that his death had spiritual implications. The aggrieved residents did not only point accusing fingers at Ben who has reportedly committed suicide, but also the county’s Senator, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue, of knowing something about Madison’s death. During their protest, they set ablaze a house that belonged to the Senator and further vandalized his “official Grand Gedeh residence.

Before that, they set ablaze the Traditional Council office in Zwedru which led to the inner part of the house burning but police managed to off the fire  It is believed that when the protest actions were ongoing, Jenkins Ben escaped into a nearby bush where he allegedly committed suicide. However, calm has reportedly been restored in Southeastern County. At the same time, the Crime Services Division of the Liberia National Police has set up a 15-man corner jury to examine the lifeless body of Jenkins to establish whether or not there was a foul play.  Source: mykmtvnews.com

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