PYJ Challenges Prophet Key -Wants Discourse Beyond Profound Language


Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson has urged social media provocateur Prophet Key to transcend the divisive realm of profound language, sparking a narrative of political reconciliation. Amidst the turmoil of Liberian social media, Senator Johnson’s bold stance against Prophet Key’s profound language becomes a defining moment, shaping a narrative of unity beyond verbal hostilities. Prophet Key, notoriously known for using abusive language against government officials, finds an exceptional ally in Senator Johnson, united by a shared vernacular, the Senator implores Prophet Key to redirect his linguistic prowess towards constructive dialogues, transforming his image from provocateur to a force for positive change in the Liberian society. As Prophet Key earlier faces a five-million-dollar lawsuit filed by Liberia’s Culture Ambassador, Julie Endee, the courtroom drama unfolds against a backdrop of societal unrest. The court’s ruling in favor of Prophet Key adds fuel to the already heated debate surrounding the boundaries of free speech. Liberia’s political landscape post-November 14 run-off election sees Prophet Key eyeing a cultural ambassador role. A key player in upsetting the Weah-Taylor administration, his profound language has cast shadows on former Liberian leader George Weah and his parents among others. Senator Johnson’s challenge to Prophet Key weaves a compelling narrative, prompting reflection on the power of language and the potential for change in the complex fabric of Liberian public discourse.

By: Benjamin Keibah/

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