Pro-CDC Group Warn Chambers To Desist From Besmearing Deputy Speaker Koffa’s Character


A Pro-democracy under the banner, CDCians Deserve Better Revolution (CDBR), has warned the outgoing Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, to desist from besmearing the good and high-earned image character of Grand Kru County Representative and presumptive Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa. CDBR is a mass-based pro-democracy group of the outgoing political party, Coalition for Democratic Change; whose quest is to uphold the good tenants of democracy and to promote the image of all CDCians in and outside of Liberia. “We assemble here today on this 8th day of January, AD 2024 to provide our position on a recently made statement by outgoing Speaker Chambers, accusing Representative Koffa of undermining his Speakership as well as his (Speaker Chambers’) re-election bid in Electoral District Two, Maryland County. “Therefore, CDBR sees the statement from Speaker Chambers as an irresponsible statement concocted by Representative Chambers to undermine the possible win of Cllr. Koffa’s ascendency to the Speakership of the Legislature. According to the CDC pro-democracy group, such distractions by the defeated outgoing Speaker, against the Speakership bid of his deputy are ungrateful, inappreciative, and evil; which should be condemned by all well-meaning Liberians and stalwarts of the Coalition of Democratic Change, (CDC). It can be recalled that on December 17th, 2023, Speaker Chambers, a stalwart of the CDC conducted an elaborate press, throwing tantrums on the persons of the Deputy Speaker of Liberia and a senior partisan of the Coalition for Democratic Change: indicating that the “Deputy Speaker have undermined the workings and functions of the 54th National Legislature and the hope of the Liberians, on grounds that he have had series of legal interest in concession company and other companies.” “The mass-based CDC Revolution Movement has uncovered that these utterances are intended to instigate distractions. CDBR views such a repressive campaign as “ungrateful and uncivilized. CDBR emphatically states that the Deputy Speaker of the 54th National Legislature has contributed too much to the growth and transformation of our party as well as ordinary Liberians outside the party unlike Speaker Chambers, who has not personally positively impacted any life, but himself.” Therefore, we call on all CDCians to join in this campaign to rubbish such speculation on the person and office of the Deputy Speaker and ask that all would-be voters (Lawmakers) in the impending speakership elections, to see Representative Koffa as best-suited for the speakership; based on his immense and numerous contributions and sacrifices to the CDC and Liberia at large.  We want speaker chambers to understand the fact that Cllr. Koffa is a man of Peace and a cut-crossed Liberia CDCian who has a legislative impact I the life of intellectuals and deserves no distractions at this time of his endeavors. CDBR wants to make it categorical and emphatically clear that any attempt to even mention such irresponsible comments in the public space again against Deputy Speaker Koffa, will be met with serious intellectual response.

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