“Our Justice System Marred To Corruption, Lack Public Trust” – Boakai States By: Yassah J. Wright


President Joseph N. Boakai has noted that the Justice system in Liberia is marred to corruption and has lacked its public trust. President Boakai noted that the justice system which is meant to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, has been marred by inefficiency, corruption and lack of public trust.” I am counting on the Honorable Legislature body to pass effective legislations and support financial appropriation that will help them win the fight against corruption,” President Boakai  urged the lawmakers. He said anyone caught in the act of corruption will face the full weight of the law, with swift and non-discriminatory enforcement. The President made the statement during his first annual message at the Legislature, on the grounds of the Capital Building. He indicated that they will fight corruption and build institutions that server the people interests. President Boakai also stated that their government accountable to its citizens, a government that can truly serve the needs of its people.”The state of our nation is in distress, but the hope of our people is alive,”  he  stressed. President Boakai said the Revenue Sharing Law needs to be synchronized with existing laws, including the Project Financial Management Act (PFMA), and the current Revenue Code.  He pointed out that the Revenue Sharing Law (passed in 2022) and these two other instruments were designed for different systems of Government.  According to him, while the new Revenue Sharing Act is designed to facilitate fiscal decentralization in a decentralized system of governance, the other two cater to a centralized system where the sub-national bodies do not have any authority to use a portion of locally generated revenue.  President Boakai stated that this has left County Service Centers that should be functioning and raising revenue, often stranded to raise operational costs.  “We will work with the relevant institutions of Government to align the new Law with the existing Law; popularize the Law and ensure adherence and enforcement across the Country,” President Boakai indicated. He revealed that the time for a mindset shift is now, and must be selfless in services to bring about the change the Liberian people are yearning for;  challenging everyone to join him to think, build and love Liberia.

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