LPP Party VP Candidate Threatens Lawsuit Against Spoon Network Inc.


The Liberian People’s Party Vice Presidential Candidate, Dr. Emmanuel Urey Yarkpawolo, has promised to issue a lawsuit against the management of Spoon Network Inc. , for what he calls defamation of  his character. In a press statement released Sunday afternoon in Monrovia , the LPP VSB told the media that he has sent a communication to the institution ( Spoon Network INC) to retract statements made during the 20th October edition of the institution’s Radio program called “Spoon Talk”,  that he Dr. Urey Yarkpawolo has written a communication to the executives of the Liberian People’s Party in order for them to support the ruling CDC in the assuming presidential runoff of the October 10 , elections conducted in Liberia .He disclosed: “I have written the Management of Spoon Network Inc., demanding an unreserved apology and retraction of the spurious, false, and defamatory allegations made on the Spoon Talk program against me. When someone or an institution is involved in the business of providing information to the public, it is duty-bound that the person endeavors to always speak the truth and nothing else”. “Let me also state for the record that the failure on the part of Spoon Network Inc., to correct the record on this matter will leave me with no alternative but to seek legal redress for the deliberate design to defame my good name and expose me to public ridicule and endanger my life” Dr. Yarkpawolo noted.  “I draw the public’s attention to several demonstrably false statements made on the show that were not only outright lies but also have injured me greatly by defaming my high earned character and endangering my life in the wake of the upcoming runoff presidential election”.“On the Spoon Talk, Mr. Stanton Witherspoon among other things said that I called for an LPP leadership meeting in which I wrote a letter to the LPP Executive Committee requesting the LPP to support CDC because Jewel Howard Taylor is from Bong and she and I are friends. He said I convinced 25 percent of the Executive Members, but the 75 percent were unconvinced. Dr. Yarkpawolo quoted Mr. Witherspoon as saying, “So TiawanGongloe is in a problem now with his Vice Standard Bearer, Yarkpawolo”. Mr. Witherspoon also said it was “shocking” because people were “mad”. Dr. Yarkpawolo quoted.“Kou, A Panelist of the Spoon Talk said “But the last time you hosted Yarkpawolo here he told you say when he is Vice President, he will not listen to his bossman. He told you on this show when you brought him, LPP VSB quoted. “I also want to inform the public that Kou allegation as mentioned above is false, baseless and malicious. At no time I mentioned on the Spoon Talk or any other talk show or gathering or interview that I would not listen to Cllr. Gongloe”. Below is a short video where you will watch  Dr. Yarkpawolo speaking to a team of reporters  and at the end you will watch a short part of the Spoon FM Team making those remarks above. Courtesy: Bong TV Online

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