Liberians Blast Politicians By: Julius Konton


Ahead of the peak of the campaign period in September, It now appears as if politicians are making the political corridors for the electorate more tense and complex as some of them are now confused on making a perfect decision in their interest.

Although some of them have already made up their minds on who to vote for, most of them, as usual, will want to hear from their leaders, analyze their messages to them before making any decision but as it stands, they say, they are still undecided due to the multiples of jibes throwing from one politician to another, claims and counter claims at each other throats as well as same old stories which they are tired of hearing from their leaders.

In a vox pop interview, some Liberians observed that would- be potential leaders are throwing too much jibes at each other instead of discussing the real issues.

Even though it could be a part of democratic process, the misuse and overuse of rhetoric appears to be a worrying sign especially in regards to protecting the fragile peace of the country.

“Let me use this medium to urge all the political leaders and candidates to set the right example and discuss the issues and avoid attacking and responding to one another,” one Liberian cautioned.

 “Imagine if a political leader begins in such a manner and form and encourages it, his or her followers will continue and it could lead to something else which we do not pray for at all, not now, neither forever,” another Liberian said.

On another account, they complained that some of the messages they are hearing from their politicians are like the same old songs and stories they heard before with nothing new on the table to give to them.

“Our leaders need to be serious but for now, all we see is a complete joke,” they  expressed disappointment .

Those concerned warned their fellow citizens to be careful in making a decision on voting day in order for them not to regret for the next six years.

The concerned citizens at the same time encouraged their leaders to stick to the real time issues affecting them and avoid jibes throwing, claims and counter claims.

According to them,  if not address ahead of the crucial campaign time in September, jibes throwing and other negative messages could lead to provocations and eventually election violence which may Jeopardize the peace of the country; as well as  injure  the intent of the Farmington Declaration.

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