Liberia To Get US$250M Solar Power Grid


The Chief Executive Officer of the New Energy Electric Vehicles (NEEV) Liberia has disclosed that US$250 million " Solar Power Grid& quot company is expected to be established in Liberia.  Mr. Cassell Anthony Kuoh Sr., said the establishment of the solar power grid company will go a long way to transform the electrical system and protect the ecosystem in Liberia from air pollution. Mr. Kuoh made the disclosure over the weekend when he was honored as the most outstanding humanitarian by the Movement with Integrity for National Development (MIND) in Monrovia. He noted that solar power grid is one of the means to reduce global warming and climate change which are affecting many parts of the world and Liberia is no exception. He asserted that NEEV Liberia will work along with the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ensure that Liberian people have access to electricity across the country through the solar power grid. Mr. Kuoh explained that as the result of climate change which is affecting the weather condition in more countries, e-mobility has been introduced through manufacturing vehicles which are using electricity rather than gasoline. He maintained that NEEV Liberia is also operating transport system with track cycles such as "Keke and motor bikes " to help transform Liberian transportation system. According to him, using electric vehicles will be far cheaper than using gasoline vehicles as the solar power grid will be available to charge batteries which will last for two to three-day before it can be recharge. He pointed out that investors will also be made available to charge battery which capacity can last for ten days without any problem. NEEV head stressed that the company will has charging station which could switch batteries on the electric keke and motor bikes when operating, noting that currently the company is not selling electric keke or motor bikes, but providing commercial services in the transport system of Liberia. He noted that the regulation of commercial motorbikes and Keke on major streets in Monrovia should be welcome by Liberians for the transformation of the development in the nation and its people. According to him, countries around world which are develop currently, their leaders have to use veto power to ensure that major developments are achieved for the benefits of every citizen and Liberians especially the motorcyclists and their owners should exercise restraint as government put in placed these measures to protect lives and properties. He acknowledged that as human being, we are quick to adopt to situation and Liberians are no exception to soon be adoptable to the regulations being instituted by the Liberian Government to move the transport system forward. Mr. Kuoh who was honored as the most outstanding humanitarian indicated that his passion is to help humanity and helping Liberians and others to transform their living condition, has being his doing and hopes other meaningful Liberians will join in that path to help the masses who lives below the poverty line in the country.

The NEEV Liberia head engages into various sectors of businesses including sports to promote young Liberians’ talents in football.

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