LNP-NPHIL Encourage Public Safety Hygiene Measures


The Inspector General of Police, Gregory O.W. Coleman, has honored a meeting with the Authorities of the National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) on health concerns over the use of an helmet among multiple passengers from motorcyclists. On Friday, May 17, 2024, both institutions observed safety regulations to avoid the transmission of pathogenic organisms and way of reducing head injuries during road traffic accidents when commuting to various destinations. IG Coleman and NPHIL have mandated all motorcyclists and passengers to adhere to the below hygiene measures: 1. Motorcyclists should clean their helmets regularly (daily, weekly, or monthly) using disinfectant sprays; 2. Motorcyclists should avoid placing their gloves inside the helmets; 3. Passengers should cover their heads before wearing a helmet; 4. Passengers may choose to wear a nose mask for additional protection;  5. Passengers who frequently travel by motorcycle, should consider carrying their own helmets and sanitizer spray. The LNP headed by Inspector General Coleman and the Director General of NPHIL, Jane A. MaCauley, have encouraged the general public to remain law- abiding as they expressed their commitment to the protection and safety of all residents and road users across the country.

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