Dillon denies plans to contest in grand bassa


In the quiet town of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, murmurs swirled about the possible political ambitions of Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon. Rumors whispered that he harbored intentions of contesting for a Senate seat in Grand Bassa County come 2029. However, on Saturday afternoon, May 19, Senator Dillon stood amidst the speculation, firm in his denial. Addressing the community in Buchanan, he vehemently refuted the whispers, setting the record straight. “I have no intention of contesting in Grand Bassa County for the senate seat in 2029,” Senator Dillon clarified, his words carrying the weight of conviction. He attributed the rumors to the ongoing construction of his new house within the county, a project misconstrued as a precursor to a political campaign.  “The only project I’m involved in here is building my house,” he explained, emphasizing that his focus remains solely on personal affairs rather than political aspirations. Senator Dillon’s commitment to serving the people of Montserrado County shone through his words. “I’m committed to my work in Montserrado County and have no desire to challenge Senator Lawrence if she still wants to contest in Grand Bassa,” he affirmed, extinguishing any doubts about his allegiance. With his clarifications echoing through the streets of Buchanan, Senator Dillon sought to dispel the rumors and reaffirm his unwavering dedication to his constituents in Montserrado County. As the sun set over the tranquil town, the whispers faded into the gentle breeze, leaving behind a sense of clarity and certainty in Senator Dillon’s steadfast resolve. By: Zahn Dehyougar/ Ablee-Jay TV

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