Lawmaker Proposes Wetlands, Eco-Tourism Bill By: Julius Konton

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The Bill intended to preserve wetlands and to protect indigenous species has been introduced in plenary of the House of Representatives. With the passion and determination to help protect the soil and  water quality of Liberia, The District Five Representative Priscilla Cooper told reporters that the bill will get an overwhelming endorsement for subsequent passage soon by her colleagues. Wetlands she explained are reservoir of excess water,  so when you have excess water, it flows into the Wetlands, it absorb and stays there .However, she indicated unlike before, almost all the mangroves have been depleted for personal reasons without single thoughts of preservation something she noted is unfortunate and risky for the people. As a means of changing the dynamics, Representative Cooper said the bill when enacted will ensure that wetlands are protected to the core. The bill will also help to create jobs for Liberians through the introduction of ecotourism, she added. Ecotourism is defined as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the wellbeing of local people and involves interpretation and education. This she maintained can be done in her district and the Country in general once the bill is passed into law. ” Upon the enactment, this bill will also help attract tourists and investors to the Country, people will have the opportunity to see our beautiful land and indigenous species among others “, she re-echoed.  At the same time, he District five Lawmaker stressed that the bill will help grow and boost the economy of the Country as well as help to reduce flooding in wetland areas through the no go zone focus. She wants her colleagues and Liberians to embrace such proposed legislation intended to benefit them directly. Over the period, there have been several draft bills and proposed legislations for enactment but have died upon arrival and sometimes left in committee’s room, however, Representative Cooper is certain that with the initial overwhelming endorsement from her colleagues in plenary on Thursday July 4, 2024, her proposed legal instruments will see a day light and successful enactment from her colleagues soon. ” I will work harder and will do my best to ensure that the bill is enacted and every related things needed for the passage of this bill are all indicated in the document “, she re-emphasized.

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