2000 Public Volunteered Teachers To Be Added On Payroll

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The Minister of Education, Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, has disclosed that the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Education is targeting 2000 volunteer teachers to be included on the ministry’s payroll. Making the disclosure Tuesday, July 2, 2024, at the plenary of the Liberian Senate on Capitol Hill, Minister Jallah revealed that the process of vetting these volunteer teachers before placing them on the payroll will commence on July 8, 2024. According to her, the assessment will capture all volunteer teachers across the country by gender and subjects and when that is done, the vetting of those teachers will commence. The Education Minister lauded the Liberian Legislature for increasing the budget of the MOE, which according to her, prompted the initiative. Dr. Jallah asserted that her assessment tour across the country unveiled that some of the volunteer teachers do not have the requisite credentials to be in the classroom but can be used in other areas. “We have some good volunteer teachers, but we also have some that do not belong in our classrooms,” she said. The Education Minister stated that the move by the MOE is intended to produce teachers who are capable enough to deliver the kind of education system the future generation needs. Meanwhile, Minister Jallah disclosed that her assessment tour also unearthed a hike in school fees by some school administrations, citing “It was also discovered that some schools were charging fees that were never accounted for. “Findings regarding compliance with the free tuition policy revealed that there is evidence across the country of additional fees being charged in excess of what is stipulated in the academic calendar,” she noted. Credit: LINA

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