Join Hands with Me to Push Liberia Higher,’ President Weah Urges Bassa Citizens


Grand Bassa County – The President of Liberia and Standard Bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, on Saturday,  September 2, crisscrossed some of the remotest parts of Grand Bassa County in continuation of his citizens’ engagement tour ahead of October’s polls.

President Weah endured rough and challenging road condition for hours in order to reach several towns and villages in the county, including  Gbassigiar Town in St.John, Gorblee or Compound 3, as well as LAC in Electoral District 4 – in Wee Statutory District.

Residents of towns along the road cheered the President while singing various praise songs: “When Weah in the race, No equal,”  as one group of women waved  traditional lappas.

They were joined by residents of St. John, including the first-time voters, who could not hold back their emotions as they chant traditional songs when President Weah disembarked his vehicle.

They praised him for braving the storm to visit with them, as the first Liberian President to have ever done so.

“We are happy to receive you, Mr. President and at the same time let you know that you are the first president to reach us. This day will go down in history for the people of St. John, who have been longing for this opportunity,” remarked one of the elders of the border town.

According to them, the single act of the President to visit with them is a “God-given opportunity” and an indication that he is truly a humble and caring leader who does things in the interest of his people.

The St. John residents pledged to back the Liberian Leader in his re-election bid not because he broke the record of being the first President to visit them, but primarily because of his impactful developments since assuming office about six years ago.

They, however, pleaded with the President, who they referred to as a “talk and do” leader to extend his life-changing development interventions to other remote parts of the area, particularly the St. John River Bridge, which is fast deteriorating.

President Weah thanked citizens of St. John for receiving him with open arms and for pledging to repose their confidence in him for another six years.

He shared with citizens his vision for a more prosperous Liberia if given a second term to continue his many development initiatives, including road pavement.

He informed them that his administration has done extremely well in the last five years, in spite of the Corona Virus pandemic, which he said didn’t entirely derail his development agenda.

Citizens trooped behind the president when he walked a few yards from the town to see for himself the conditions of the St. John River Bridge, and promised to send a team of engineers to assess it and advise on the way forward.

Thousands of residents also came out to welcome the CDC political leader in Gorblee, where he spent part of his youthful life playing for Barrolle in the 1980s.

Different speakers on behalf of Gorblee citizens thanked him for putting them and their community in his plans by visiting with them one and half years after his last visit.

They informed President Weah that they would stand with him for his re-election because he is their son and because of what he has done  developmentally for Grand Bassa and the country at large.

“Mr. President, we want to assure you that we will vote for you for your second term so that you continue building our roads, our hospitals, building more schools and giving young people more opportunities for better future,” the spokesman of the young people said.

President Weah expressed delight to have been in Gorblee once again and for the assurance of giving him another six years to complete what he called “unfinished business.”

“I am your son, I am your brother; you know me, and I know you. I ask you to vote for me on October 10 so that we move our country forward,” he told Gorblee citizens.

The President capped Saturday’s hectic schedule with residents of LAC, where he assured Liberians of a more prosperous future in his final term of office.

The CDC Standard Bearer, during the LAC program, welcomed to the CDC former Unity Party Coordinator in LAC who has crossed over.

Jerry Saah told President Weah and the cheering crowd that his decision is shrouded in the fact that the President has surprised him and many other UP partisans with the many developments he has undertaken in a relatively short period of time.

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