Flood Hits Kpatawee Waterfalls


A devastating flood has hit the Kpatawee Waterfalls in Bong County leaving the entire tourist site over-flooded.

That unprecedented water overflow results from heavy rainfall and the subsequent rise in water levels. According to reports gathered by K-NEWS, the overflow has led to severe flooding in the surrounding areas, posing an imminent threat to the safety and well-being of residents, visitors, and local infrastructure.

In an official Facebook post, the management calls on the disaster Response Team, Medical Personnel, and the Environmental Protection Agency for intervention.

“The excessive water overflow at the waterfall has resulted in an emergency that requires immediate attention and coordinated action from all stakeholders involved,” Kpatawee management stated in a Facebook post

They are also advising all customers to stay posted for the Kpatawee Waterfalls Liberia Resort is closed until further notice.

Source: knewsonline.com

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