The Economic Freedom Fighters of Liberia (EFFL) has categorically condemned the desire of ECOWAS and its Western Allies for military intervention in Niger.

The EFFL said while it believes in the tendency of democracy, the restoration of democracy or the word democracy should never be misused in the context of what is happening in Niger. “We strongly believe that any military intervention at the moment in Niger would be catastrophic in totality for the region,” the organization noted.

It continued: “Best to our knowledge is the fact that ECOWAS has become a shameless reactionary regional organization managed by corrupt political elites in the region without any new ideas. ECOWAS has increasingly become useless in the context of providing regional leadership. The once cherished ECOWAS’ core values of promoting good governance with emphasis on rule of law and regional economic growth and integration has in recent years taken nosedive by becoming Presidents’ club pageantry. Undoubtedly ECOWAS is the source of all the leadership misconducts in the region by the body’s reactionary posture and therefore should never be considered a progressive regional force for good.”

Under the watch of ECOWAS, the organization said corruption has become a way of life by governments, thereby denying their citizens better education, healthcare and jobs creation.

It noted that ECOWAS citizens are dying each day in the Atlantic Ocean while in pursuit of better opportunities in the western world. “As we speak, dozens have gone missing after a migrant boat sank off the Italian coast. What has been the progressive position of ECOWAS? Elections in the region are stolen by ruling governments while others are allotting unto themselves unlimited terms in the presence of ECOWAS without any position because ruling parties usually provide kickbacks to their so-called representatives in the name of former Heads of State who are usually sent to monitor elections in the region. Where is ECOWAS with the single currency regime intended to promote free trade and economic growth within the region? When you steal election results and take unconstitutional additional term, it’s a coup d’état as well and has ECOWAS ever reinforced any position on a ruling party to demand a re-conduct of questionable elections in the region? The situation in Nigeria between Peter Obi and current President Bola Tinubu speaks to the weakness and cowardice attitude of this so-called regional organization,” the organization further noted.

It also indicated: “Therefore, EFFL insists that mediation efforts should continue with the military leaders in Niger and not any form of grandstanding by use of foreign military intervention. The region has become vulnerable to military actions because of terrible leaderships on the part of governments in power and to stop these military leaders from seizing power in an undemocratic way, sitting Presidents must conform to the tenets of good governance. The region is blessed with natural resources but the best places for medical checkups or treatments for governmental officials are the likes of India, China, France, United States and the UK. Those falling in the poor working class and can’t afford medical bills in these countries are left to die on a daily basis in hospitals that are not given proper care.”

Meanwhile, the organization has claimed that President George Weah has weakened the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) and violated the Laws of Liberia and ECOWAS has done nothing to keep the President in check. “Those are the signals that lead to military actions. The neo-colonial tactics by Western Allies in controlling ECOWAS for military intervention to promote their selfish interest shouldn’t be supported in Niger,” the group said.

EFFL then demanded ECOWAS to withdraw any form of military intervention supported by the West. “The initial mediation efforts should continue with time table provided to the military leaders for smooth transition in returning the country to democratic rule. EFFL remains unbending that any military intervention in Niger will prolong the crisis to the extent that elites in the region will become beneficiaries of the crisis and not the people of Niger.

It’s most likely that the elections in Liberia will be stolen in favor of President Weah and ECOWAS has said nothing about the violation by the Government of Liberia. However, any form of neo-colonialism by Western Allies in the region will be resisted by the growing radical and Pan Africanist organizations in the region,” the organization noted.

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