In a press release issued yesterday, the Civil Society Network of Liberia expressed disappointment and dismay over allegations against businessman Chris Weah that he has been operating a dubious and illegal business.  It can be recalled that recently, the former Inspector General of the Liberia National Police and others accused Mr. Chris Weah of conspiring and stealing the cash of US$4,040,687.53, and offered to bribe the Liberia National Police with the amount of US$100,000.00. They also alleged that Mr. Weah postured as representative of the Government of Liberia to sell Crude Oil and also forged licenses and certificates in the name of the National Investment Commission for Oil Block-9. This led the Ministry of Justice to file action of Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal Solicitation, Impersonating Officials, forgery, among others against Mr. Chris Weah at the Monrovia Magisterial Court.  Having conducted investigation into these allegations, coupled with review done on the case file, the Civil Society Network of Liberia described the allegations against Mr. Chris Weah as false, misleading and manufactured lies intended to undermine his productive entrepreneurial credentials. CSNL furthered that the allegations that Mr. Chris Weah conspired and stole US$4,040,687.53 under the disguise of owning Oil Block-9 is irrational and illogical. It beats our imagination for one to allege that Mr. Weah took such an amount from an investor as owner of Oil Block-9, as the process of owning and selling Oil blocks is rigorous. It makes no sense for any investor to make payment of such whooping amount to an individual or company without exhausting the processes involved in the takeover of an oil block.  The release said the allegation of the bribery offer of US$100,000.00 by Mr. Weah to Mr. Sudue and other LNP officers is not only farfetched, but a ploy designed to cover up the US$12,000 they forcefully took from him. Mr. Sudue and his LNP officers illegally and wrongfully seized the amount of US$12,000.00 from Mr. Chris Weah, in violation of Article 20 of the Liberia Constitution which protects the right to private property.  The investigation of the Civil Society Network of Liberia also established that the allegations of impersonation against Mr. Chris Weah has no iota of truth. There is no substance and Prima Facie to prove that Mr. Weah has been impersonating as representative of the Government of Liberia. Our review of Mr. Chris Weah’s business documents shows that he has no connection to Wasu Holding Inc. as insinuated by former Police Inspector General, Patrick Sudue. Mr. Weah owns a legally registered international corporate business entity named Chrisco Holdings that exports Liberian foods on the world market; including palm oil, cassava leaf, dry meat, fish etc. The business is also registered to engage into mining and quarrying activities (exploration of gold, diamonds and other minerals). We have in our possession the business registration certificate, Business License, and Articles of Incorporation. This renowned international business venture has been the source of Mr. Chris Weah’s wealth, properties and monies, the release maintained.  In conclusion, the Civil Society Network of Liberia welcomes the Ruling of the Civil Law Court of Montserrado County in dismissing the unwarranted writ of criminal conspiracy and other crimes brought against Mr. Chris Weah. Judge Ousman F. Feika was right to have held former LNP Inspector General, Patrick Sudue and others liable to restitute the US$12,000.00 illegally taken from Mr. Weah. We also support Mr. Weah’s decision to take legal action against the malicious lies and mischievous actions of Col. Patrick Sudue, Victor Gboyah and Sam Ballah of the LNP against his character and successful business establishments.

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