“EPS Boss threatening My Life Pepsi Yeke Discloses” EPS Boss Terms Him As Armed And Dangerous By: Julius Konton


“I consider this as a threat on my life and is asking you to retrieved your statement within 24hrs and follow the proper procedure” Pepsi Yeke reacted to EPS Boss recent statement.   According to the Director of the Executive Protection Services Sam Gaye,  Mr. Yeke has been declared wanted for Allegedly been in illegal posession of EPS weapon.   But in sharp reaction the former LACE Boss said if the current EPS boss is allegedly incapable of understanding the task at hand it will be good that he seek guidance from his former colleagues rather than in his words flaunting ignorance.  “To date, I have not received a formal request for the EPS weapon legally assigned to me, yet you rashly label me as armed and dangerous”, he further explained.  In the EPS new boss, Gaye’s statement, he called on all law enforcement officers who will come in contact with Mr.Yeke to have him detained and to subsequently contact the EPS. But in his quick response in which Mr. Yeke  did not denied that he has a weapon in his possession  but stated that it is an assigned weapon given to  him but also  claimed  sheer incompetence in adhering to alleged procedures by the current EPS boss and it has not only led him  to behave like in his words a maniac but also to publicly demonstrate his alleged inability to handle even the simplest of tasks. ” If you lack the capacity, rest assured I do not; submit an official request and follow the proper procedure for EPS weapon turnover to ensure meticulous documentation”, he added. Mr. Yeke also alleged that the failure on the part of the EPS boss to fulfill his duties not only reflects poorly on himself but also on the integrity of the Boakai government.  “What justification do you have for baselessly branding me as armed and dangerous? It seems you have arrived at your new assignment with a personal vendetta against Pepsi Yeke”, he further blasted. It is still unclear if the current EPS boss reached out to Mr. Yeke before such public statement.  However Director Gaye has maintained and informed the public that  Mr. Yeke has a weapon with  serial number:97344, a making number:73 and weapon type as:Norinco 22 pistol and in his words is considered armed and dangerous, a statement that Mr. Yeke took serious exception to wants it to be retracted. The questions now are whether there is specific time frame in turning over such weapon or if the EPS boss followed the prescribed protocol as indicated by Mr. Yeke. In the wake of unanswered questions, there are public concerns and security issues regarding the situation.

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