Chief Justice Yuoh Drove Party Litigants Out Of Courts By: Yassah J Wright


The Chief Justice  Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh has  driven party litigants from  various courts rooms, r believing that those people are not supposed to be all in the court. Chief Justice Yuoh said the party litigants only go to court as their guests, so they should stop going in the court rooms and corridors. She ordered the sheriff of the courts to help her remove all party litigants from the court, adding that only their lawyers should be in court to hear their cases. The Chief Justice openly told the sheriff to call the police to remove everyone from the court corridor, something which she stressed to do. Some of those party litigants have complained because some are frustrated standing in the court yard due to lack of seats. However, those party litigants that went to the court for justice where murmuring, “Where do you want us to go after we came to court for justice and the Chief Justice driving us; only God will help us in this country,” frustrated party litigants noted. Moreover, the sheriff drove those party litigants out of the compound of the Judiciary stood in the Sun waiting for their lawyers to argue their case. Section 2.3 (b) of criminal procedure law says that the client has the right to have legal counsel present at all times while he/she is being questioned or is making any statement or admission The Constitution of Liberia  article 21 (c) states that “Every person suspected or accused of committing a crime shall immediately upon arrest be informed in detail of the charges, of the right to remain silent and of the fact that any statement made could be used against him in a court of law. Such person shall be entitled to counsel at every stage of the investigation and shall have the right not to be interrogated except in the presence of counsel. Any admission or other statements made by the accused in the absence of such counsel shall be deemed inadmissible as evidence in a court of law”.

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