Bubble Expectation


A statistical analysis of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai’s formation of a Unity Party-led government has come from one of his campaign strategists- Amara Konneh, who is now Gbarpolu County senator. Senator Konneh has mapped up what appears to be the apportioning of public positions through nominations for appointments, by President Boakai. “Those of us who supported President Boakai must remind him of his promise quietly and publicly when it becomes necessary to help him deliver the promises he made when he campaigned for President. Change means change!” Senator Konneh is being quoted from his recent write up posted on social media.

According to him, President Boakai has appointed 15 Ministers to head Ministries including 2 Ministers of State Without Portfolio. Of these appointments, Lofa is said to have 5 ministers thus constituting 29.4%. Bong has reportedly been give 4 ministerial posts, constituting 23.5%, as Bassa, Bomi, and Nimba have 2 ministers each , constituting 35.3% while Cape Mount and Sinoe  have one each, constituting 11.7%. Below is how the apportioned ministerial posts, according to Senator Koneeh, are being identified:

Lofa- MoCI,  MoE, MoYS, MIA, MoSWP

Bong-MPW, MoA, MoSWP (one not mentioned in the write up)

 Bomi- MFDP, MoT

Bassa- MoH, MICAT

Nimba- MoJ, MoD

Sinoe- MoS

Cape Mount- MFA

According the Gbarpolu County senator, the government has 18 cabinet ministers, out of which 15 have been named thereby constituting 83.3%, and the number of counties now captured in terms of ministerial posts’ recipients is 7. This means of the 15 sub-political divisions of Liberia, 8 counties are without cabinet posts; especially when only 3 ministerial cabinet appointments remain such as Mines and Energy, Labour and Posts and Telecommunications. The 8 remaining counties without ministerial cabinet appointments include Gbarpolu, Montserrado, Margibi, Grand Kru, Rivercess, Grand Gedeh, Maryland, and Rivergee. These counties constitute 46.6%, Senator Konneh’s write up has indicated. “The President promised a Minister from each county. Clearly, this promise will not be fulfilled. Of the 15 Cabinet minister appointed so far, there is only one Muslim, Mamaka  Bility,”  Senator Konneh has noted. He said of the six counties from Southeast Liberia- Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, Maryland, Grand Kru, Rivergee and Rivercess, only one ministerial appointment has gone to the region. Senator Kenneh said President Boakai won Gbarpolu and Margibi in both rounds of elections, and Montserrado in the runoff, but his analysis has shown that none of the three counties has been apportioned a Cabinet ministerial post by the President. Though Senator Konneh’s statistical analysis on the formation of the Boakai-led government sounds logical to the reading public, the aspect of the Muslim community not being apportioned one ministerial post has been criticized by his fellow Senator Cyrus Momo from Lofa County. Senator Momo who is Chair on Senate Committee on Defence, Security and Veteran Affairs, said Senator Konneh should retract his statement which claims that not a single Muslim is given a top ministerial portfolio. According to him, Senator Konneh’s assertion in a social media post borders on security implications and has the propensity to undermine peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians. Senator Momo said his committee will seek the indulgence of Senate Plenary to bring his colleague to check to refrain from making such utterances. It is recalled that Senator Konneh, following the victory of President Boakai after the runoff election between UP and CDC, urged Liberians to manage their expectations  from the Boakai-led  government because it was going to take time before things pick up in terms of  the government fulfilling promises made during the election campaign in 2023.   Boakai, Konneh

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