Baby Dumped In Pit Found Alive


There has been a dramatic but rather positive twist in the story involving the alleged killing of a four-day-old baby who was said to have been dumped in a pit in the northwestern Lofa County,

On Wednesday, it was reported that a 20-year-old woman identified as Tawah Momoh allegedly murdered her four-day-old baby by dumping the child in an open pit. Baby Dumped In A Pit: Woman Arrested For Allegedly Killing Her 4-Day-Old Baby – News Public Trust But now, Police in the area say the baby in question has been found alive, in a shocking turn of events. The mother of the baby Tawah Momoh has given a different version of the story to the police, following a thorough investigation by the police. This infant, who was initially believed to have been killed and thrown into a toilet, has been found alive and is in the custody of another woman. The case in question is becoming increasingly complex. When questioned about her previous admission of guilt, Ms. Tawah Momoh, in tears, claimed that she was coerced into confessing to the crime of killing her child. She explained that a woman, identified as Bendu Kamara, had taken the baby from her room without her knowledge and subsequently escaped.

Tawah’s emotional testimony shed light on a possible abduction scenario, leading investigators to uncover a web of deceit. But Kamara, who stands accused of kidnapping the baby, provided limited information during her interrogation. She confessed to planning alongside an accomplice named Folomo to steal the baby but failed to elaborate on their motive, which remains unclear at this stage of the investigation. By Samuel Borlay,


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