THE TIME FOR a mindset shift is now. We must be selfless in our service to bring about the change the Liberian People are yearning for, says President Boakai;

THIS CALL BY the President in his State of the Nation Address is a call to arm for a nation seeking answers to several vexing national issues, many of which date back to the founding of the republic;

ON THE TOP of the list of problems is the issue of wanton corruption that has become endemic and eating the very fabric on which this nation is built;

THE PRESIDENT RIGHTLY diagnosed that ‘our justice system which is meant to protect the innocent and punish the guilty, has been marred by inefficiency, corruption, and lack of public trust’;

JUST AS EVERY president before him, he comes in recognizing the negative effects of corruption on every sphere of the nation;

THE PRESIDENT ALSO recognized that the educational system is weak, civil service is bloated, road connectivity is far below what it should. be, drug abuse is getting rampant, creating burden for an already burdensome economic environment;

WE APPLAUD THE president for opening his eyes wide enough to recognize these national fault lines;

HOWEVER, WE CALL upon Pres. Boakai to have sweet tongue like Tubman to lure kings, queens and heads of states to Liberia, manage his ministers and devote time and money to vocational education and agriculture investments like Tolbert, commit to using local currency like Doe, be security oriented like Taylor, be close to Washington and international financiers like Sirleaf and drawn to young people and sports like Weah, internationally, take a page out of Rwanda’s playbook to develop this small, yet naturally gifted nation;

SINCE NO PRESIDENT in the history of this nation has been able to satisfactorily minimized corruption and build better traps to curtail it, we call on President Boakai to institute an incentive-based peer review in government, throughout all branches if constitutionally permitted;

FINALLY. MR. PRESIDENT, we pray that you don’t allow your ‘FINE’ speech to go down as just another ‘FINE’ speech, be robust, swift, drastic, dry-face, take no nonsense, weed out incompetent people and maintain productive an unblemished national workforce.

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