AMM Foundation Officially Launched By: Julius Konton


A non- for- profit group named and styled; Ayoubah Mabama Mafanta Foundation has been officially launched.  The group comprising dominant youth and students focus is to among other things  create awareness and advocacy around abuse of drugs and substances mainly among the youthful population of the country. Educating the youth about the danger of substance abuse was Dr. Julliet W. Diggs, who warned the young people to resist substance abuse because it is dangerous to their health and future. Speaking on the theme: the Social and Economic Impact of Substance Abuse, Dr. Diggs erased the perception from the minds of the young people that substance abuse can make them smart, sharp and on top of the world. She said if every young person will engage into substance abuse, the future of Liberia will be doomed. Substance abuse she told the gathering is dangerous and leads to one developing method- illness, depression, brain damage as well as leading to one committing suicide and other crimes respectively. “Let’s resist the usage of substance abuse, it has no benefit “, she re-emphasized.  Also speaking at the program was Maweah H. Derail who encouraged the young people to take the lead in creating the awareness to their peers about the danger of substance abuse. According to her, 20% of the country’s population of over 5million people which is 1m mainly young people, are engaged into substance abuse, this she stated is alarming and worrisome.  “We need to stand firm, we need to fight against this because, it is affecting our future generation, ” she re-echoed. Madam Derail encouraged the young people to engage into positive ventures and make better choices that will shape their future for the better. ” One instant drug satisfaction will not do you good because, it will fail away and you will be the victims for tomorrow and that’s why I appeal to you not to engaged into it, she noted. Meanwhile, the passionate founder and head of the group, Ayoubah Dukuly said they are committed to help make an impact in the larger society through their work. Under the theme: Say no to Drugs and Yes to Talent , Ayoubah told the gathering that they are now running two projects namely: Talent hunt and drugs abuse projects respectively.  “We are now taking the lead as young people to help change the narratives and we will endeavor to inspire, Empower and lift our peers from such ugly practice “,he further lamented. He wants a space and opportunity to be created where the young people of Liberia can explore their talents in order to make a difference in the larger society. Ayoubah who paid homage to some of his young officials to include: Co. Founder, Julius Konton Jr, Mabama Dukuly and Mafanta Dukuly among others, encouraged them to muster the courage in order for them to do more because the tasks ahead, he pointed out, is huge.

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