Coordinate And Foster The Doctrine Of Separation Of Power


LIBERIA IS A country that practices the doctrine of separation of power in steering the affairs of the governed.

WE HAVE COME of age, observing and realizing the learning curve of our governance system under the Republican Form of government which we adhere to.

 NO SECRET LIBERIA has three distinct branches of government upholding the principles of checks and balances as these branches perform respective duties and functions in anticipation of the confidence reposed in elected and appointed public servants.

WELL KNOWN IN Liberia are the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches which the citizenry look up to for answers to their plights regarding how the country is governed by every elected government.

HOWEVER, WHENEVER THESE branches of government display indifferences contrary to the wishes of the citizenry, uncertainties and hopelessness amongst the populace set in to divide the house against itself.

OF RECENT, RESEMBLANCES of lack of coordination amongst the three branches of our government claimed public attention; especially following the passage and approval of the 2024 Fiscal Budget.

WE MUST HASTEN to note that budget allotments to each of the three branches of government dispirited some branches suspecting strangulations and undercuts to demean public expected performances of those branches feeling sidelined.

NEVERTHELESS, IT IS very important to note that heads of the very three branches of government saw reasons to converge at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town over the week to compare notes and realize that coordination among them is the way forward in ensuring good governance and respect for one another in steering the affairs of the country is a must.

WE THEN POISE to encourage ALL to know that where they sit; they are public properties to Liberians in general and they must ensure collective bargaining in leading the country irrespective of political differences.   

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