YARD-Liberia, Inc. Stresses Importance of Sustaining, Maintaining Liberia’s Enviable Peace By: Julius Konton


In the wake of the celebration of international day of peace, the youth led group, Youth Alliance for Rural Development has re-echoed the imperative need for Liberians to work together in jealously safeguarding the enviable peace which the people have enjoyed since twenty years ago.

With emphasis on the entire electoral process,  the Project Director of YARD Liberia , Dennis Kromah stated that  Peaceful elections are crucial for the progress and stability of any nation.

 He maintained that peaceful election provides an avenue for the people to exercise their democratic rights, ensuring that their voices are heard and their choices are reflected in the governance of their country.

“We firmly believe that a peaceful electoral process is the foundation of a strong and vibrant democracy”, he added.

According to him, Liberia has made significant strides towards peace and stability in recent years, and it is imperative that the Country and its people continue on said positive trajectory.

 Dennis said the upcoming elections present an opportunity for citizens to shape the future of their Country through their votes pointing out that It is crucial that they  approach the process with respect, tolerance, and a commitment to peaceful coexistence.

Dennis through his organization used the occasion to  encourages all citizens to actively participate in the electoral process and exercise their right to vote.

 “Your vote is a powerful tool to contribute to the building of a better Liberia and we urge you to cast your vote responsibly, considering the values and visions that align with peace, unity, and progress for our nation” ,the young activist averred.

Additionally,  the youth led body call upon all political parties, candidates, and their supporters to conduct themselves in a manner that upholds the principles of democracy, respect for human rights, and non-violence.

 “Let us engage in constructive dialogue, promote healthy debate, and focus on the issues and policies that will shape our nation’s future”, he noted.

YARD-Liberia, Inc. he further indicated remains committed to peacebuilding efforts in communities , counties and the nation at large.

“We will continue to work closely with local organizations, community leaders, and stakeholders to promote peace, foster understanding, and encourage peaceful resolution of conflicts,  We stand united in our belief that peace is not an abstract concept but a collective responsibility that we all share” the group disclosed.

On this International Day of Peace, YARD Inc Liberia  reaffirmed their institution’s  commitment to a peaceful Liberia.

 “Together, we can create an environment where citizens can freely express their choices, where diverse perspectives are respected, and where the will of the people prevails”, he noted.

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