Women With Special Needs Get Skill Enhancement By: Julius Konton


Over fifteen Liberian women living with disabilities have benefited from a three day capacity development training. Under the program code name: Young Women Political Leadership Training,  the productive Women skills were further enhanced in key areas namely: Political participation in Leadership,  civic duties , inclusiveness as well as skills for Political engagements among others.  Speaking at the program the Executive Director of Her Voice Liberia Evangeline  Sirleaf admonished the participants to seize the moment and see the training as an advantage for them to make a difference in the Society.  According to her, the United States Government through its sponsor of the project, Democracy International is passionate about empowering Women with disability. Her Voice Liberia Executive Director; who encouraged the young women to step up to their games, also emphasized the need to have more women into leadership at all levels. “You are very special and key to the society as such, you need to have a Voice at the table at all levels”, she further added. Ms. Sir Leaf, at the same time, commended the US Government through “DI” for its support to the project and also assured them that they will do their best to make a change thereby having more women voices heard at leadership levels. Also speaking at the program was Mohammed Foboi, Program Director of Democracy International, who urged the young women to stand for the positive as they remain supportive to empowering them. “Take the training seriously in order to serve as Ambassadors within your community “, he told the over fifteen participants. Providing more details as part of DI’s five years project, Mr. Foboi stated that Her Voice is implementing the inclusive component of the program which is targeting marginalized and vulnerable groups within the society.  He also named the reintroduction of civics within schools as well as support on working with the National Elections Commission through other organizations among others.Meanwhile, the happy beneficiaries all women received certificates at the end of the training with smiles beaming on their faces as a sign of appreciation for the impactful knowledge given them. They also promised to work in their respective communities as trainer of trainers for the betterment of the society.

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