Withdrawal Of AFL, ERU Personnel From Concessional Areas Deliberated


In response to a communication from Grand Cape Mount County Electoral District 2 Representative, Mohamed Dosii, the House of Representatives is currently deliberating the prospect of urging the Executive Branch to withdraw Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Soldiers and Emergency Response Unit (ERU) Officers from all mining company facilities in Liberia. The debate stems from concerns that the deployment of armed soldiers and police officers to mining company facilities, particularly in the absence of imminent threats, may contravene the Constitution of Liberia. Representatives are advocating for the immediate withdrawal of these forces to their barracks. Representative Mohamed Dosii, in a compelling address to the plenary, highlighted his recent visitation to the Bea Mountain Mining Company in Konjor, Gola Konneh District. He observed a significant presence of AFL and ERU personnel at the company facilities. During the discussion, Representative Dosii revealed an incident on February 14, where a group of peaceful citizens gathered at the company gate to express their concerns about the alleged bad labor practices of the company. Regrettably, the assembly was met with excessive force from the AFL and ERU personnel, leading to an unfortunate incident of brutality.

Speaker J. Fonati Koffa emphasized the House’s commitment to the welfare of the Liberian people, asserting that they will not tolerate any form of modern-day slavery or infringement of citizens’ rights.  He further stated that, as deputies of the people, they will take all necessary actions to ensure the protection and well-being of their constituents. The House of Representatives anticipates a resolution that aligns with constitutional principles, safeguarding the rights and dignity of the citizens.  The communication from Representative Dosii underscores the importance of ensuring a balance between security concerns and the fundamental rights of the people.

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