The Independent Societal Watch Advocates (ISWA) in a press release over the weekend, has described as utter blackmail and dangerous propaganda allegations from Journalist Sekou Sheriff and his likes that former Commerce & Industry Minister, Madam Mawine Diggs was involved into wanton gossips and the provision of lies to former President George Weah and other media practitioners about several former officials of the CDC Government. In one of his usual unsubstantiated outbursts on his talk show, and through several facebook posts, Mr. Sekou Sheriff and other co-conspirators have been making assertions of lies and misleading information that Madam Mawine Diggs was involved with sharing false information with former President Weah and some journalists about other officials who served during the Weah Presidency. Having followed the characters and work performance of Madam Mawine Diggs during her service in the CDC Government, the Independent Societal Watch Advocates views the allegations from Mr. Sekou Sheriff and co-conspirators as diabolical lies intended to besmear the reputable and professional characters of Madam Diggs. It is gravely sinister and despicable that Mr. Sekou Sheriff and his likes will always be engaged into maligning and blackmailing the professional reputation of prominent citizens and officials of Government. The myriad of allegations and misleading information being spewed out by Sekou Sheriff has become his means of survival. The Independent Societal Watch Advocates sees it as far-fetched and inconceivable for Sekou Sheriff and his likes to allege that Madam Mawine Diggs ill-discussed her former colleagues without any trace of evidence to substantiate the claims. Let it be made known that Sekou Sheriff demanded US$45,000.00 from Madam Diggs under the pretext that he had negative information on her and needed the money so as not to publish the information. Based on Madam Diggs refusal, this dishonest and fake journalist, Sekou Sheriff has been manufacturing lies against Madam Diggs’ character. How possible is it that Madam Diggs will be part of a petty gossip that the office assistant to Madam Nyemadi Pearson was arrested in Dubai with over US$80,000.00, as claimed by Sekou Sheriff that he was told such information by Mr. Joseph Howe? How factual can this be without such information being published? The allegation that Madam Mawine Diggs had over 50 consultants on the payroll of the Ministry of Commerce is just a pigment of imagination that lacks fact. How could just a ministry have over 50 consultants? There is no basis in truth to this!  Furthermore, the Independent Societal Watch Advocates other claim from Sekou Sheriff that Madam Diggs took monies from business executives as support to the CDC campaign without reporting same to President Weah is not just laughable and ludicrous, but a sham that has no validity. How does Sekou Sheriff want us to believe this information without stating the business executives from whom Madam Diggs received the money, and how does he know it was not reported to President Weah? Also, how truthful can it be that Madam Mawine Diggs was the only person recommended by former President Weah to President Joseph Boakai for reappointment, when she was not maintained, and has not been reappointed? These analytical and investigative inquests into the different allegations made by Sekou Sheriff and his likes against Madam Mawine Diggs established that the allegations are all blatant lies intended to extort monies from her. The Independent Societal Watch Advocates is not surprised about Sekou Sheriff’s action, as his record is replete with this unethical style of journalism, wherein lies and fake information are spewed out to the public for personal and financial gains. Sekou Sheriff similarly lied against the CEO of BMC, Mr. Ali that he invaded taxes. He was taken to court and could not prove same. He had to apologize and was forgiven. He also lied to the Liberian People in 2020 that Representative Thomas Fallah won Senator Dillon in the 2020 Senatorial Bi-election, by reading out false number of votes in favor of Hon. Fallah.   Finally, the Independent Societal Watch Advocates calls on Sekou Sheriff and his likes to desist from unethical journalism, which concoct lies and fake information against prominent individuals, investors,  business executives, officials of government, etc. This act is unprofessional, immoral and dishonest on the part of Sekou Sheriff and his likes, as they cannot use blackmailing as means of survival. Hence, we urge all former officials of the CDC Government not to dignify any information from Sekou Sheriff and his lies, as they are well-known blackmailers noted for spewing out lies. ISWA admonishes all Liberians not to give credence to Sekou Sheriff who has shown to be a blackmailer hiding under journalism.

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