Who To Bury Charloe Musu ? By: Yassah J Wright


The late Charloe Musu has spent one year at the St. Moses Funeral home, Battery Factory, Montserrado County. On February 22, 2023, in the evening of murder day, amidst screens, shouts, and panic by helpless and astonished family members and neighbors, beautiful and resourceful Charloe Musu, a then prospective graduate of the Starz University of Technology, is today exactly one year in the chills of the St. Moses Funeral Home. Charloe Musu’s murder anniversary comes in the wake of repeated intrusion into the home of Justice Scott where she (Charloe) was brutally killed, as well as the startling revelation by the man who headed the investigation into her death, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Monroe Dennis, that the charges against Justice Scott and family members were inappropriate and that the investigation process was interfered with. Lawyers of the Ministry of Justice who handled the murder trial at Criminal Court ‘A’ are currently trading accusations of corruption over how hundreds of thousands of dollars given them were spent, amidst fear that the jurors were tempered with to bring down a guilty verdict against Justice Scott and three other defendants. The family has already termed as a clear vindication, the recent revelation by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Monroe Dennis that the investigation findings in the Charloe Musu murder case did not suggest the charges levied against the defendants. The family members, friends, and loved ones of Charloe will gather to reflect, sing, and pray for God to accept her gentle soul, and for God to take charge of all processes, procedures, and circumstances surrounding her situation. Accordingly, Criminal Court ‘A’ Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie has announced a life sentence for former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott and three members of her family for murdering Charlou Musu. Judge Willie’s decision to sentence the four defendants followed nearly a year of legal battle into the trial of defendant Scott and three others. At the end of final argument weeks ago, trial jurors unanimously brought down a guilty verdict against the four defendants wherein Judge Willie announced January 4, 2024 as the date for sentencing. As the judge prepared to announce final judgment of the murder case on January 4, he requested probation officers at the Ministry of Justice to investigate the defendants in connection with their characters and behaviors within the community where they lived before the death of Charloe Musu on February 22, 2023. Based on the investigation, a report should have been submitted from which Judge Willie would have given the final judgment on January 4 but the probation officers failed to provide the investigative report on grounds that the Ministry of Justice failed to release funds to do their job for which the date for sentencing was rescheduled to January 9, 2024. However, the investigation was done and report submitted after the court charged Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean with contempt for failure to provide funds for the investigation. At the Criminal Court ‘A’ of the Temple of Justice on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, the pre-sentencing hearing or investigation by the probation officers was read, which stated that all of the four defendants do not have prior criminal records before the murder trial. According to the report, the probation officers further recommended that based on their investigative report, the court should take judicial notice while sentencing the defendants. The investigative reports included accounts from the late Charloe’s father, the community chairperson and a few neighbors, who spoke positive things about the defendants. In the wake of the investigative report and the recommendation therein, Judge Willie sentenced the defendants to life imprisonment. Meanwhile, defense lawyers have taken exception to the judgment and announced that they will file a petition at the Supreme Court for a new trial.

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