Wife’s Killer Pleads Guilty By: Yassah J Wright


Defendant Samuel Yanqae Porte, a resident of Crusoeville Township was allegedly accused of murdering his fiancée’ for cooking cassava leaves which he did not request, has pleaded guilty to the crime charged at  Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia. Defendant Porte was arrested, charged and indicted by the Grand Jury of Montesrrado County for the crime of Murder. Defendant Porte who is the lone witness took the stand by apologizing and begging for mercy to the deceased family and the government for murdering their daughter- Sarah Y. Morris of which he stated was not intentional. Cross examining defendant Porte, prosecution asked whether the death of his fiancée’ was intentional, purposely and unlawfully done by him using a cutlass? The question was objected to by defendant Porte lawyers; stating that, it was travelling beyond the scope of the witness’s testimony; as such, it was sustained by Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie. Again, he was asked whether he was begging for mercy for which he is appealing to the family members of the deceased, whether he confirms that he killed his wife. He answered in the affirmative. Prosecution produced four witnesses in the matter to include Inspector Jerry K. M. Wamah of the Homicide Division, Musu Cox, Delicia D. Gardner and Dearest Diggs. Musu Cox who is the mother of the deceased testified that her daughter (Sarah) told her (Musu) that Samuel threw away food materials after preparing it for the next day. She narrated that after hearing from her daughter, she asked Samuel and he told her (Musu) that he can’t eat cassava leaf and his woman beat cassava leaf to cook but she (Musu) said to him that, “you know anytime she (Sarah) cooking cassava leaf, she can always cook different soup for you.” According to her, she settled the matter for the time and he pretended to agree but later, while they all went to bed, she heard her daughter shouting and that’s how she woke up and saw Samuel killing her daughter with a cutlass that she earlier met with him when she was called by her granddaughter. She explained that, she tried stopping him but could not listen so she jumped on him but he threw her down and cut off her toes. The deceased daughters, Delicia D. Gardner and Dearest Digss testified that they got to know Samuel through their mother Sarah. The girls admitted to seeing their foster father chopping their mom with the cutlass and they began to seek for help but the community is an area where houses are far from each other so one of them ran up the hill to call their uncle but before reaching to where the incident was taken place the defendant had already killed her mom and escaped the scene. Also, Inspector Jerry K. Wamah explained his ordeal that during the preliminary investigation conducted with defendant Porte, he (Jerry) butcherly murdered his fiancee’ at their Crusoville Community residence arrested and denied the allegations levied against him but later admitted that he committed the act and escaped the crime scene.  Predicated upon the act, Inspector Wamah said Samuel was charged with the crimes of Murder and Aggravated Assault and was forwarded to court for prosecution. Displaying the weapon used, Officer Wamah showed the cutlass that belongs to Samuel which he usually used for taking things from the bush for other purposes of which he said the cutlass had blood stain.   It can recalled that Samuel Yanqae Porte, a 49 year old man late Saturday, September 2, 2023, mercilessly murdered his 40 year old partner Sarah Y. Morris, after a reported death threat earlier the same day, because she cooked cassava leaf soup, knowing that he doesn’t like it. “I saw the man with the cutlass in his hands, he had bag, then I asked Samuel what happened, I said it was the children that called me, what happened, he said old ma, your daughter know that I can’t eat cassava leaf, then she go cook cassava leaf, she can’t respect me,” she noted. The victim was unmercifully chopped by her partner Samuel Yanqae Porte, on her head, neck, and other parts of her body, at their Porte Hill residence, in Crozierville, Montserrado County. As established by the victim’s mother, Ma Musu Cox and other family sources, she (The victim) escorted her daughter late that night to attend to nature, but surprisingly got engaged by the murderer, who chopped her several times. “I only heard her shouting mama I’m dying, so I went outside and saw him holding the cutlass over her, so I ran to him and held the cutlass. We fought over the cutlass and then he left it and walked out of the yard,” she said. Ma Musu Cox narrated that the entire confrontation begun earlier that day, when she was informed by the victim that her partner destroyed all of her business materials, because she cooked cassava leaf, and he doesn’t like it.

Because of this, the victim’s mother said the perpetrator angrily told her that he wasn’t spending the night at their home, and later threatened unspecified actions before he left.  Accordingly, the perpetrator departed the house that evening and then her mother (the victim) too decided to spend the night at their home (the victim’s home), because it was already late for her to return home. With this, Ma Musu said she was shocked when she saw the perpetrator committing the act, considering that he informed them he wasn’t sleeping at the house.

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