“Vote For Development-Oriented Person, Not …..” – Weah , Taylor Tells Mont. District 10 Residents


As the 2023 elections campaign activities continue to intensify, President Weah and entourage including Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor visited Montserrado County District 10 on Thursday, August 10, 2023, in continuation of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Montserrado County campaign tour.

District 10 remains the stronghold of opposition and incumbent lawmaker YekehKolubah, for which the ruling party has put up its candidate Josephine Davies to contest against.

Speaking at the campaign ceremony at Five-forty junction, the CDC Vice standard bearer, Jewel Howard-Taylor rallied the residents of district 10 to make the right choice and vote for someone who is prepared to transform their lives, not an individual bent on issuing invectives all the time.

She said, “The first thing I want to say to you in District 10 is that representation means people should speak for you. People should know your interest. They should know what you want. And the work in the legislature is supposed to transform your lives.”

Madam Howard-Taylor wondered, “It’s not about cussing business. District 10, someone who doesn’t live in your community, do they even know what’s happening to you?”

“Some people finish moving to different place, so they have no vested interest. Because if I am living somewhere and there is no water there, it will affect me, right? If there’s no light there, I will know what the people are talking,” she said.

According to the Vice President Holmes who is also a resident of District 10, she is adding her voice to the President and to Senator Saah Joseph, and to all of the CDC leaders, to go on October 10 and ‘vote’ for the CDC candidate, Josephine Davies.

Madam Howard-Taylor asserted, “She is a woman of her word. She is a woman with foresight. She is committed and dedicated. She is a change agent. On top of that, she’s hard working. I live in District 10, so my vote is going to her too. If we give her our vote, with the support of the Senator of the county, with the vote of my father, the President, great things will happen in District 10.”

“So, I want to remind you that the most important vote for you will be the President’s vote, and then the district 10 vote, to ensure that the things that you talked about as we visiting the district will be done,” she cautioned.

The Vice President noted, “I had a meeting in District 10 and I told the people of District 10 that I will join my voice with madam Davies when she’s elected, so you will have one and a half representatives. Are you not happy? Together, we will change this district for the better.

Meanwhile, buttressing the VP assertion, President George Weah thanked the residents of District 10 for showing up for the campaign tour, and called on them to make the right choice by voting for Representative Aspirant Josephine Davies, incumbent Montserrado County Senator Saah Joseph and himself.

He said, “Today, I have done so much, and I am confident you will vote me again. To our first-time voters, when some of you were not born, your parent followed the struggle, they promoted the struggle; they helped us, they guided us. And because of them today, we are doing what are doing for our country and for you.”

“First-time voters, I was once like you, it was difficult for me to get in school. Someone helped to pay my school fees. Today I am the president, I wish at that time I had the opportunity, but it was difficult. Today, you have free tuition and WAEC fees payment. Not because it didn’t happen for me, it shouldn’t happen for you.

“If your representative cannot tell you how he can develop your community, but can only take to the streets to insult people, it is not the insult that will grow your community. So, we are bringing people to you that will not insult government; they will help you to build your community. I am not the only one. The young man’s own brother came here and said he’s angry because the man is insulting me.

And that brother is a Weahcian. He knows what I have done for our country. Because he’s honest, he doesn’t want to join his brother. So, I am asking you; if you want development in this place, bring people that are responsible to develop you. And I tell you, Josephine is responsible. She will help you because she’s got connection with the government.

“Do not elect anyone that cannot dialogue with government; that has no connection with government. The government is your government. Today, we are here because of you, not because of us. You can tell, because we are asking you again to give us mandate, to allow us to leave a legacy,” President Weah added.

Earlier, welcoming the CDC officials to the District, the party Representative aspirant, Josephine Davies thanked President Weah and Vice President Howard-Taylor for the continous support rendered her at all times.

She then assured her leaders of her unwavering dedication to ensure a CDC one round victory comes October 10, calling on Liberians and District 10 residents to ensure that they retain the President, Senators Saah Joseph and vote her as thier next Representative.

Source: africanentertainment.com

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