Two Nigerians Jailed -For Piracy, Other Counts


Two Nigerians were on Thursday incarcerated at the Monrovia Central Prison following a gruesome attack on six Chinese and Seventeen Sierra Leoneans who were on board a vessel – Shenghai-2 fishing on the Sierra Leone water.

The two Nigerians – Micheal Oputa and Titus Ezeena as well as others to be identified, were arrested, acquainted with their rights, thoroughly investigated, and subsequently charged with the offenses of criminal conspiracy, piracy, arm robbery and theft of property.

Police probe indicated that the act of the defendant is in violation of Chapter 10 and 15, Section 10, 4 Sub. Chapter-C Section 15.32 and Section 15.51 of the revised Penal Code of the republic of Liberia.

The police unveiled that victims Li TianGuo and other crew members of the Shenghai-2 fishing vessel were attacked on sea by suspect Oputa and Ezeena and others to be identified during which time they sustained the loss of their properties including cash.

According to Li TianGuo and other crew members, on Saturday July 22,2023, at 10:00 am, while they were on board the Shenghai-2 fishing vessel (six Chinese and 17 Sierra Leoneans), a small speed boat with some unknown men armed with weapons (pistols and raffles) came towards them and started firing at their vessel.

Mr. Li said after they discharged several rounds, the men intruded into their vessel, put them at gunpoint, searched their vessel, and took away their properties including cash.

According to him, the Liberia coast guard responded and managed to arrest two suspects, rescued them, and brought them to the Liberia coast guard base in Monrovia.

During police investigation, the two Nigerians admitted to the commission of a crime, stating that they were seven men aboard the speed boat and confirmed that it was their colleagues who took out pistols and raffles and placed the crew members that were on the Shanghai -2 vessel on gunpoint and took away their properties including cash.

Meanwhile, the defendants are currently being held in jail while awaiting court trial.

Source: LINA

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