Stanton Gaye Still Beats Demolition Drum In Catholic Community -Amidst Court’s Stop Order


On April 15, 2024, the Supreme Court of Liberia through Associate Justice Yussfi D. Kaba’s office, halted every movement of Stanton Gaye against the Catholic Community. In the prohibition, His Honor Justice Kaba instructed the Clerk of the Supreme Court to mandate His Honor Ousman F. Feika to stop every proceeding until the outcome of the Supreme Court inquiry.  The stop order from the Court brought relief to the targeted residents of the Catholic Community whose homes risk demolition on grounds that the residents are occupying Mr. Gaye’s land.  However, the residents still complain that Mr. Gaye continues to  call them to  former Associate Justice Kabineh M. Jan’eh’s  Law Firm around  Vamoma House for negotiation, allegedly  threatening to break down the residents’ homes if they fail to attend  the negotiation conference. This latest claim against Mr. Gaye seems to suggest that he does not regard the prohibition from the Supreme Court.  The residents are  now   getting furious  with  Mr. Gaye’s threats as they are likely to resist any  sheriff  or police  to be sent  to enforce demolition order  from  court to break down their homes. “If Stanton Gaye can’t respect the Supreme Court’s mandate and still wanting to take the Law into his hands, we too will surely resist him and whoever sheriffs and police that will come with him because Supreme Court has issued prohibition.  The residents also wondered:  “Why will Stanton Gaye, Victoria D. Gaye, Sammie Peter Paul and George Giah feel they are above the law or above the Supreme Court of Liberia?”   They further noted: “ The community will put up  strong resistance. The Justice Ministry is in the know of the prohibition to stop Gaye from coming in the Catholic Community. Any police or sheriff coming with Stanton Gaye in the Catholic Community will be doing so at their own risk because on Saturday,   April 13, 2024, police and sheriffs came with machine, they broke down people homes without the concern of the Supreme Court. Because of this, the community will never allow such act to take place without resistance.” 

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