Speaker Koffa Meets Legislative Reporters


 House Speaker  J. Fonati Koffa has held  meeting with over thirty accredited reporters at the Capitol Building’s first-floor Conference room.  The primary objective was to fortify the relationship between the House of Representatives and the media. During the engagement, Speaker Koffa expressed gratitude for the media’s coverage of the Honorable House of Representatives and pledged to maintain regular interactions with the press.  The Speaker seized the occasion to address the reason for the approval of the US$41.3M partial budget for February, as requested by President Joseph N. Boakai, Sr.  The Speaker mentioned that the detailed line items that constitute the total amount were well explained and very reasonable considering the facts of the happenings in the month of March. Speaker Koffa lamented that some people would expect him to prevent the passage of the $41.3m  partial budget all in the name of acting tough as an opposition Speaker. He said he will not do anything, that will deny the Civil Servants their timely salary payment or stagnate the workings of the Government of Liberia. He said he is committed to working with all branches of the Government to create healthy balance in the interest of our country and people. He emphasized the House’s commitment to promoting transparency, accountability, and openness under his leadership. The Speaker encouraged reporters to seek clarification on any confusing matters to ensure accurate public information.

Outgoing Legispool President, Henry Karmo, on behalf of the reporters, congratulated Speaker Koffa on his election.  He requested collaborative efforts between the House leadership and reporters for capacity building and refresher training to enhance their journalistic endeavors.

Incoming President Gerald Koinyene announced that the new leadership would commence duties on March 8, 2024, and invited Speaker Koffa to deliver the keynote address during their inauguration. Press Director Robert Haynes assured the reporters that the House remains dedicated to working in the public interest, marking the meeting as a significant step towards fostering a harmonious relationship between the House of Representatives and the media.


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