Rep. Kolubah Seeks Boakai’s Expulsion From UP By: Julius Konton


Montserrado County District Ten Representative Yeke Kolubah has called for the expulsion of President Joseph Nyuma Boakai from the Unity Party. Addressing a news conference on Monday, February 5, 2024, Representative Kolubah alleged that the flag bearer of the ruling establishment will kill the party if he remains the face of the Unity Party. “He is a complete embarrassment to the party and he needs to go,” he noted. Representative Kolubah said he sounded the early warning to the Chairman of the Party, Dr. Luther Tarpeh but claimed that Rev. Tarpeh said it was a big talk. “ChairmanTarpeh, why are you crying now, no need to cry because I told you before,” he added. The District Number Ten lawmaker said his recent decision is due to the manner and form in which President Boakai is allegedly and wrongfully proceeding. The controversial lawmaker claimed that President Boakai lied to them when he promised equal county’s representation at the executive but in reality, the recent appointments are to the contrary. Speaking further, he stated that the UP standard bearer is allegedly insensitive to the plight of the Liberian people; adding, “I am not afraid to say it.” Responding to other issues, he indicated that he can’t be unpopular in the country and if anyone thinks so, they are wasting their time. “I didn’t beg anyone to vote for me and those of you who are making threatening remarks against me came by yourselves to vote for me because you saw my stand as an opposition,” he noted. President Boakai, he claimed, has now become a big mistake to the Party and the country in general.  ” The Boakai supported and voted for in 2017 and of recent, is not the Boakai now, imagine people who suffered behind him to include Mark Jabateh, Melvin Cephas and others, are no longer seen today. This is unfair,” he noted.  ” I didn’t see it before; I campaigned for him but I am seeing it now,” he said.  Representative Kolubah at the same time stated that he does not want job and his advocacy is about the people’s interest and not his personal interest as others may think. “All I want is for President Boakai to do the right thing and not to do the same old thing that we preached against former President George Weah’s regime,” he noted. Representative Kolubah told reporters that he will continue to remain vocal and will speak the truth to power until the Liberian people get what they deserve.

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