PUL Denounces Partisan-Driven Broadcast In Foya


The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) expresses deep concern over the rising trend of partisan-driven rhetoric and highly inflammatory broadcasts in Foya, Lofa County. In particular, our attention has been drawn to the activities of three broadcasters in Foya: Radio TambaTaikor, Radio Makona, and Radio Diompelor. PUL has observed that Radio TambaTaikor, originally a community radio station, has been transformed into a platform primarily serving the interests of the Unity Party. On-air personnel associated with the station have been utilizing the radio airwaves to promote political campaigns, raising significant concerns about the Makona impartiality and objectivity of the station’s content. A competing radio station, Radio Makona, receives support from Representative Thomas Fallah, a member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change. Additionally, Radio Diompelor, owned by Representative Fallah of the ruling regime, is accused of spreading biased information favoring the government’s campaign.

Tensions between these stations resulted in complaints from local residents, which were reported to the PUL. The PUL organized a virtual conference involving executives from the three radio stations. In these discussions, all parties expressed their commitment to preserving peace in Foya and Lofa County but eventually disregarded their promise to promote social unity. Recently, the Lofa Detachment of the Liberia National Police (LNP) has been in discussions with the three troublesome broadcasters, seeking their commitment as we approach a presidential runoff in the current election. This situation has raised alarm within the Press Union of Liberia, as it goes against the principles of fair and unbiased journalism. The Union emphasize the importance of media outlets maintaining their independence and impartiality, especially during this sensitive political periods. Encouraging a diverse range of voices and fostering a climate of balanced discourse is fundamental to a healthy democracy, the PUL insisted. The Press Union of Liberia calls upon all broadcasters in Foya, Lofa County, to adhere to ethical journalism practices and uphold the principles of impartiality, accuracy, and fairness.  Responsible journalism plays a crucial role in promoting transparency, understanding, and unity within society, and we urge all media organizations to uphold these values for the greater good of our nation, the Union emphasized.

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