The Press Union of Liberia has strongly denounced the recent attack on Journalist Joseph Tumbey by a Sierra Leonean soldier in Monrovia, deeming the incident as a grave violation of human rights.

In a widely circulated video clip on social media, journalist Tumbey can be seen enduring physical assault and witnessing damage to his phone, inflicted by a Sierra Leone soldier at the premises of the Liberia National Police headquarters.

In light of this distressing incident, the Press Union calls for the immediate establishment of a transparent public inquiry by the Liberia National Police. The primary objective of this inquiry is to uncover the truth behind the event, ensuring accountability for those involved. Furthermore, the Union demands swift action to guarantee the safety and security of journalist Joseph Tumbey and other media personnel assigned to cover the ongoing arrest proceedings of the former Sierra Leone Police chief, who stands accused of alleged involvement in a conspiracy within Sierra Leone’s borders.

The Press Union vehemently cautions against any form of coercion, threats, or harassment aimed at journalists in Liberia, particularly when perpetrated by foreign security agents. This concern holds particular significance given the backdrop of the nation’s forthcoming elections.

Simultaneously, the Press Union of Liberia has reached out to its counterpart, the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SAJ), along with the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, to address the undemocratic behavior exhibited by their service personnel in Monrovia.

The Union remains committed to safeguarding the rights of journalists and maintaining the principles of press freedom. The Union will continue to monitor this situation closely and advocate for justice and respect for media professionals.

About the Press Union of Liberia: The Press Union of Liberia is a professional organization that represents journalists and media workers in Liberia. It aims to promote press freedom, protect the rights of journalists, and uphold ethical standards in the media industry.smartnewsliberia.com

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