Prosecution First Witness Testifies In Charloe Musu’s Murder Case By: Yassah J Wright


In the case concerning the late Charloe Musu murder, prosecution first witnessed  has testified on hearsay.

The Civil Procedure Law, chapter 25, sections 25.7(1) provides amongst other things that Hearsay evidence is not admissible expect to the extent and under the circumstances stated in paragraphs, 2, 3, and 5 of this session and as otherwise established by law.

The witness stated that on February 17, 2023; he was employed by Genesis Security and also on February22, 2023, they went to work by 7:00 to 7:30, when they got to the working place, they rocked at the gate and it was opened by the late Charloe Musu and she locked the door and took the keys from the gate after  they had entered the fence.

Witness Mark said the first thing they did was to search in the entire fence which as a security, he said they normally do.

“I went to the flattop that attached to the fence, I went sitting at the flattop, Moses Wright and Anthony Musu were sitting under the palaver hut,” Witness Mark testified.

The witness said his friend security guard called him to eat; saying, ‘they brought us food,’ adding that he came from the flattop and he (Jackson Mark, Moses Wright and Anthony Musu) ate the food.

Witness Mark testified that after eating, he and Pa Musu was lecturing while he heard crying sound coming from inside the house, hence he (Mark) told Pa Musu that “Papay, I hearing crying sound coming from the house oo and Pa Musu confirmed yes myself I am hearing it too, but that person that crying sounding like the little girl and I hope it is not the little girl crying inside the house and Pa Musu said yes it could be so. I told him let us go see where the crying sound coming from,” Witness Mark said.

He revealed that both of them were on their way to the place the sound was coming from former Chief Justice Gloria Musu Scott window, where he said Defendant Gertrude Newton slide the window glass and when she saw them, by the time she slide the window glass,  she started shouting  ‘the people in the house, armed robbers.

Witness Mark testified that Newton also said the armed robbers have juked the other girl. She started screaming so he told Pa Musu to wait for him to call Wright who is their commander, adding that Pa Musu was standing to the window and he (Mark) called Wright and said come quick the people said armed robbers on them in the house.

Witness Mark stated that Wright ran and came to him and Pa Musu, Newton was still shouting that the armed robbers are on them in the house, so he and Wright told Newton that they do not have the key to enter the building because the entire building is locked.

The witness testified that they ran behind the house to go see what part of the area was opened so they can get in the house.

Witness Mark said Newton told them that “You not get anything to destroy this window for us to come outside?” He (Mark) told her that the only thing they have is the cutlass and they are trying to see if it will open.

“I used the cutlass back and started to knock the joining of the short steel and started knocking the cutlass and it opened ; so I used my hand and bend the long one and carried it up so that how Ma Rebecca, Alice Johnson and Getrude Newton passed through the window,” Mark testified.

The witness stated that Newton and the others started calling for rescue that people were on them and he looked through the window and saw, former Chief Justice Scott with the late Charloe Musu were in the house.

He revealed that he heard noise inside the house and saw the community people bringing the former Chief Justice Scott and the late Charloe Musu outside of the house.

Witness testified that when they came outside from the house, that was how they carried the late Charloe Musu to the car and that how they were taken to the hospital.

However, Witness Mark said he did not write his own statement to LNP, noting that he only explained and the Police wrote down his statement while he signed.

Accordingly, all of what Witness Mark testified to in open court about Defendant Gertrude Newton, that he saw her shouting, when the Judge asked him about how he managed to discovered that is Gertrude voice, he said that he got to know through his colleague Wright.

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