The political water in District #7, Nimba County is said to be getting increasingly muddy by the day as the October 10, 2023 polls beam just around the corner.

At first, it was Musa Hassan Bility of the ANC whose name was skyrocketing above all other contenders given his development initiatives, including road projects as well as the dishing out of money among the locals.

Bility was one commonly hailed in all corners as the political darling boy and the newest savior or redeemer of the people.

He is on record for saying that he will ensure that history is made to see a Mandingo man taking the lead as representative for the Gio and Mano people for the first time after the civil war. 

According to him, in a recent interview with journalists, he  remains the underdog among other contenders given his ethnicity (Mandingo), a tribe that remains   suspicious  in Nimba  for their role played in the civil crises.

However, reports emerging from the district say Senator Prince Johnson  has and continues to muddy the water, especially for Musa Bility.

 The Nimba Senator has publicly advised the people in the district not to make any mistake by electing Bility whom he said has a deep hidden agenda to take back the lands belonging to the Gios  and Manos to give  them to his Mandingo ethnic group.

Senator Johnson is reported to have advised the Gio and Mano people not to elect Bility as doing so will only amount to carrying themselves back to ‘Egypt’ as slaves.

 He is also reported to have told the people in a recent political gathering in all parts of the district  that Billy is being supported by the Islamic world to buy strategic places in Nimba County to build mosques, something he said will undermine Christianity in the area.

Based on Senator Johnson’s revelation, report says the Christian Communities have begun preaching against the hidden agenda of Bility in all churches, something which seems to have sharply declined the morale of Bility who is reported to be secretly begging Senator Johnson.

Meanwhile, Mr. William Dahn, who hails from the Gio belt including Zoe Geh Chiefdom with the voting population of about 9,000 is said to be gradually rising as the alternative even against the incumbent, Roger Domah.

 Dahn is the only standing candidate from that side.  As it appears, Bility is being amused by the melody of the song whose wordings and meaning he doesn’t understand. They call him savior in the songs that often greet him yet at the same time they are telling him that his conscience is not reminding him to take precaution. “That Bility we want, but he’s stranger; that Bility we will carry, yet he’s a Mandingo man; that Bility we will vote for yet he knows not our culture; that Bility we will carry as our representative, yet we fear for our land…….’


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