Pastor Nimely’s Scammed Travel Hullabaloo, A Public Disgrace


A PUBLIC DISGRACE has enmeshed Pastor Emmanuel Nimely, a presumed man of God who has been serving as Religious Advisor to former President George Manneh Weah in six years when Mr. Weah was steering the affairs of Liberia until he was defeated at the polls in 2023 by Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, through a democratic election.

WHAT HAS EXPLODED and exposed Pastor Nimely, in our mind, was well calculated and surreptitiously  implemented to set tears in the eyes of victims because the scam was characterized by a purported religious conference  venued in Australia, cunningly under the arrangement of Pastor Nimely who assured securing Visas for those wanting to attend a church conference of his making.

WELL SUITED, OF course, to our convenience, remains undeniable that Pastor Nimely as Religious Advisor has had a commanding influence over his victims who are licking the duping wounds simply because of his closeness to former President Weah.

NO, DON’T GET it wrong that we are insinuating that Mr. Weah sanctioned or was in the know of Pastor Nimely’s masterpiece of deceit and unreliability at the highest level on the part of a man of God; instead, the Pastor espoused believability recital in the context of his closeness to the Presidency to prove mischief at the detriment of desperate Liberians wanting to use the so-called church conference opportunity to travel to Australia.    

THOUGH NO CRIME is transferable; our religious community cannot beam with smiles from the look of things where a pastor has been housed at Liberia’s famous prison- South Beach that was established to be the home of criminals who are caught red-handed for crimes punishable by prosecution and sentencing.

IT IS ANYBODY’S guess to know the kind of lesson to learn from Pastor Nimely’s scammed travel hullabaloo, which we think is a public disgrace and grave embarrassment to the religious community whose intervention in resolving societal disorders is a public reliance for a stable society.

HOWBEIT, WE PAUSE on this note to remind us that our roles in society are screenshots reflecting either positively or negatively depending on how we play the cards and surely, a scoreboard automatically has to come for public judgment.

THEREFORE, PASTOR NIMELY has shown his role as the scoreboard has presented him to the public for judgment appertaining to the integrity and prestige the man of God  possesses.  

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