Dr. Andrew Croft Reviews Journalist Michael E. Butscher’s Book: ‘A CREOLE CONGAU JOURNALIST IN LONDON’


A pleasure to read, ‘A Creole Congau Journalist in London’ by Michael E. Butscher is a comprehensive memoir and analysis of significant historical and contemporary issues affecting Africa and its diaspora, particularly focusing on Sierra Leone and Liberia. Butscher’s experiences as a journalist and broadcaster in West Africa and Britain provide a unique perspective on several significant issues. He offers a deep dive into the history of Sierra Leone and Liberia, examining the impact of slavery, colonialism, and governance on these societies. He addresses, moreover, modern challenges such as corruption, political turmoil, and the African diaspora’s experiences in Britain. And he intertwines his personal journey with these broader historical events, adding a layer of authenticity to the narrative. Butscher’s recollections and reflections serve as an important contribution to the understanding of African history and its ongoing influence on present-day societies. This journalist highlights the need for transparency, accountability, and positive change in governance to foster development in West Africa.

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