MP Wants Boakai Intervene In LDEA Saga

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The Movement to Protect (MP) JNB and JKK Presidency wants President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to carry on a swift investigation into ongoing saga at the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency (LDEA). MP, which is a local Civil Society Movement with over 20,000 members across Liberia, is calling on the President to launch a swift and impartial investigation in order to quickly resolve what it termed as a ‘dangerous tension’ between LDEA Director General Abraham Kromah and his two principal deputies, Gbawou Kowou Director for Administration, and Hassan Fadiga, Director for Operations. The group in a release issued on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 in Monrovia, stated that the terrible scuffle between the LDEA Officials occurred on June 3, 2024 involving Director Kromah’s bodyguards and his two principal deputies, at the LDEA Headquarters in Fianah, thereby causing fear to hundreds of community members who watched the drama with utter dismay. The MP indicated that its preliminary investigation revealed that the incident occurred after the two deputies, armed with firearms, insisted to force their way into the office of Director Kromah, whose bodyguards put up fierce resistance, resulting in a serious scuffle. Accordingly, both Kowou and Fadiga were forcibly disarmed by Director Kromah’s bodyguards, as their arms were later turned over to Liberia National Police (LNP) Inspector General Gregory Coleman. The MP noted that the men were prevented from forcibly entering Director Kromah’s office after refusing to obey a restriction prohibiting weapons from entering the Director Kromah’s office.”Our internal investigation also revealed. It is still not clear why the two senior LDEA officers insisted to enter their boss office despite the restriction notice which is openly placed on the office door. We cannot have a situation where certain people feel that they are above the law and therefore choose not to respect their bosses,” the group said. MP stressed that the disturbing incident unfolded in the wake of previous media reports signaling an unending bitter situation between Mr. Kromah and his immediate deputies. According to MP, the embattled LDEA deputies are supposed to unite and stand firm with their boss to form a united front in order to defeat illicit drug abuse and trafficking in the country.  “This is a troubling signal for the war against drug abuse in Liberia, and we demand the President Boakai to take the harshest punitive action possible in order to send a strong message to others” MP maintained. The CSO group stated that the situation also makes Director Kromah vulnerable to external attacks, if President Boakai is not mindful in handling the matter expeditiously. “Director Kromah has put his life on the line to raid this country of all sorts of narcotics, and the whole world has seen the positive effect that is having on the country locally and internationally, We believe he is currently one of our national heroes who should not be disrespected in society” MP explained. “We demand the President Boakai to take strong and immediate action on this dangerous trend of events that is gradually leading to a creeping disorderliness at the LDEA. The bitter medicine for chronic sow, demands strong action to curb brewing tension at LDEA,” the group noted.

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