MOVEE’s National Executive Committee Still Supports Kemayah

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The National Executive Committee of the Movement For Economic Empowerment has reaffirmed its unwavering, uncompromising and overwhelming support to its Political Leader, Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr.  The reaffirmation of the second highest decision-making body of the Party next to National convention came following the end of its emergency meeting held at the Party’s Paynesville Headquarters on June 8, 2024. According to the Acting Chairman of the Party, Prince Mehn, they continue to enjoy the professional service of their flag bearer. Demonstrating further loyalty to their Political leader, the National Executive Committee of MOVEE through its Acting National Chairman unanimously resolved and declared a vote of absolute confidence in what they termed  as wholesome- integrity, professionalism, credibility, and quality  leadership of Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr, the MOVEE’s  Political Leader.  Mr. Mehn speaking to the Press used the occasion to mandate his political leader through the National Executive Committee of the Party to guide and lead the political direction of the Party through the 2029 General and Presidential Elections.  “We also want to  applaud Mr. Kemayah, our political leader for his invaluable services as well as his transparent and accountable leader style to our political institution over the years “, he added.  Contrary to media reports of expulsion , the National Executive Committee of MOVEE re-echoed that Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah remains their political leader for six years evidence of his September 17, 2022 election victory, which gives him a six year mandate by the people.  The NEC of MOVEE at the same time called on the expelled former partisans of the Party to desist from unwanted attacks and diabolical falsehood against their political leader.  The MOVEE’s Acting National Chairman condemns the  claimed expulsion of Ambassador Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah Sr. from MOVEE as political leader of the Party as misleading, fraudulent, misinformation and disinformation, irresponsible and cowardice.  Commenting  further on allegation of misappropriation of the Party’s funds among others by the expelled Officials, the Acting National Chairman of the Party clarified that their political leader has and  remains supportive to the party and has never been involved into financial and material management of the Party contrary to the expelled Officials June 4, 2024 press statement. The National Executive Committee of MOVEE following its emergency meeting also in line with its constitution expelled Kaizer Harris from the Party with immediate effect.  Mr. Harris expulsion now brings to a total of four former officials of MOVEE who have been expelled from the Party for among other things gross violation of the Party’s bi laws and Constitution.  “We again  endorsed and reaffirmed the expulsion of Matthew Shan, Jeremiah Paye, and Patrick Karmo after the submission of an independent report from the special investigation team”, Mr. Mehn noted. The four expelled former officials of MOVEE according to the Acting National Chairman of the Party grossly violated the Party’s by laws and constitution, rendered profanity on its leaders, mobilize people to unlawfully take over power as well as bringing the Party into disrepute, a violation of article 18 section , F, G and H under the caption, Code of Conduct and Bi laws of the Constitution. The  National Executive Committee following the reaffirmation of its decision told the press that it will officially informed the National Elections Commission about their June 8, 2024 decision within four working days. At a well attended emergency meeting, Youths of MOVEE across the Country, the Women League of the Party also representing the entire Country including the Montserrado County Chapter representing coordinators of the seventeen political districts within Montserrado County and the Grand Bassa County Chapter all endorsed the decision from the National Executive Committee of the Party.  We don’t only welcome the decision by our National Executive Committee  but also condemned the repeated , irresponsible and uncivilized action carryout by the expelled Officials “, they re-emphasized.

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