MIND Wants Global Pharmaceutical Protected

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The Movement with Integrity for National Development(MIND) has stressed the need for the Liberian Senate Health Committee to provide protection for the Global Pharmaceutical to produce essential medical drugs locally in Liberia. MIND stated that local manufacturing of health products should be encouraged to strengthen the health sector in the Country. MIND made the statement Wednesday as the Global Pharmaceutical appeared the Liberian Senate Committee on Health chair by Grand Cape Mount County Senator DabahVarpilah seeking for protection to provide more essential drugs which meet international standard at the Capitol Building in Monrovia. According to MIND, Global Pharmaceutical has taking the risk to manufacture essential medical drugs in Liberia while other Pharmaceutical are continue to import essential drugs which undermines the needs to manufacture local commodities in the country. MIND maintained that the Senate Health Committee should take into consideration the request made by Global Pharmaceutical to grant some kind protection through its recommendation .to Plenary of the Liberian Senate. MIND believed that health of the Liberian people should be prioritized through their Lawmakers by seeking interest of the ordinary people who do have enough money to address their health status. MIND advocacy is direct to the health needs of the ordinary citizens who died from common diseases in the society, but with Global Pharmaceutical these essential drugs in the country, the pricing will be low for every Liberian can afford to buy rather than importing essential drugs which could be costly. MIND looks on to the Senate Committee on Health to ensure that Global Pharmaceutical request is granted in building resilience health system in Liberia in the near future for all Liberians to be healthy in the society. MiND in conclusion called on Global Pharmaceutical to continued their good work in manufacturing essential drugs for the Liberian people and maintain their integrity in producing good drugs that have the life spend to serve the public.

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