VP’s assertion is far from the truth, owing to the high cost of living faced by Liberians since the inception of the CDC Government.

But Howard-Taylor further provided a nuanced perspective, highlighting the multifaceted nature of Liberia’s economic challenges and the need to consider various factors before assigning sole blame to one individual.

One of the key points highlighted by VP Taylor was that President Weah inherited an already fragile economy, deeply rooted in long-standing structural deficiencies, noting that Liberia has grappled with a history of instability, including the 14 years of civil war.

This, she maintained, severely disrupted economic growth and development, as the legacy of these challenges, accumulated over several decades, cannot be attributed solely to the current administration of President Weah.

VP Taylor further addressed the impact of external factors on Liberia’s economy, including international economic trends, such as fluctuating commodity prices, global financial crises, and trade imbalances, which have significantly affected the country’s economic stability.

Additionally, the VP stressed the importance of collaborative efforts and collective responsibility in addressing Liberia’s economic challenges, underscoring the need for synergy between the executive branch, legislature, and other stakeholders, including the opposition, to make life better for the citizenry.

She at the same time urged all Liberians to set aside political differences and work together to create the necessary conditions for a thriving economy that will foster national development, and put the country on par with other nations.

Meanwhile, VP Taylor also outlined some key initiatives that the CDC government has undertaken to tackle the economic challenges, which include efforts to diversify the economy, enhance revenue generation, address corruption, and support agriculture, among others.

However, she emphasized that these measures require time to yield tangible results, and called on the citizenry to remain patient and supportive, as well as reelect the CDC government to enable them implement their strategies to the fullest.

In her concluding remarks, VP Taylor reiterated her support for President Weah’s reelection and her unwavering commitment to the economic development of Liberia, emphasizing that assigning blame to one individual or government fails to acknowledge the complexity of the situation and inhibits progress.

She used the time to encourage constructive dialogue, unity, and a long-term approach to transform Liberia’s economy, as the campaign period leading to the conduct of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections continues. africanentertainment.com

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