LDEA Identifies With 12-Yrs-Old Victim Of Shooting Incident


The Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency has identified with the twelve years old boy who got injured as a result of a recent shooting incident involving some LDEA officers and some community dwellers. According to the LDEA, the family of the twelve- years-old boy who recently sustained injury as a result of a shooting incident involving some officers of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, and some community dwellers in the Jamaica Road Community has refuted media reports that the LDEA has abandoned their son since he got injured. Abdulaye Kabbah recently sustained injury from particles from gun fired in self-defense by an LDEA officer after they came under serious attack by community dwellers who got angry because of the arrest of some individuals who were in possession of narcotic substances in the area. But the uncle of the child, Lassanna Kabbah described the media report as false and misleading. “LDEA has always been with us from the day our son got injured to present,” he clarified. Mr. Kabbah disclosed that the LDEA paid all of the child’s hospital bills, regularly visited them, and constantly provided food and cash for the upkeep of the child. He spoke during the weekend when the Officer In Charge of the LDEA, Chris Peters, led a high power delegation from the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency to visit little Abdulaye Kabbah and his family. According to him, the family is not aware of any Bangalee Kromah who claimed to be an uncle of the little boy who misled the public. Mr. Kabbah expressed joy for the speedy recovery of their son, and praised the LDEA for the care and concern demonstrated all through. For his part, the Officer In Charge of the LDEA, Chris Peter expressed delight over speedy recovery process of the child. ‘ we are very happy to see the child playing, and we thank God that he is fastly recovering “ , the LDEA Official ln Charge said. Mr. Peters commended the family for confirming that the LDEA did not abandon the child as was falsely reported in the media. He assured that the LDEA will continue to be with the family until the child can fully recover and noted that the LDEA cares about itself and that of every citizen of Liberia. Source: monrovialatest.news.blog

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