Labour Ministry Discovers Fake Alien Work Permit


The Ministry of Labour has tracked down a Chinese National in possession of a fake Alien work permit and turned him over to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution.  Mr. Mai Whenhua, in his late 50s, was tracked by a team of Labour Inspectors at his YMW Machinery Parts Business Center in the S. D. Cooper Road Community in Paynesville.  A Labour Ministry press bulletin quotes Minister Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah as informing Justice Minister Cllr. N. Oswald Tweh, in a formal letter that: “from all indications, copy of the work permit that is attached is falsified document that warrants thorough investigation”. Labour Minister Kruah’s action was triggered by precious complaints filed against Mr. Whenhua by Deputy Labour Inspector, Mr. Darius weamie, in which the Chinese National was found with fake Alien work permit, in clear breach of Section 8.3 of The Decent Work Act of 2015. Meanwhile, Deputy Labour Minister for Administration and Acting Minister, hon. Othello P. Mansuo has warned alien workers and employment entities across the country to refrain from dubious activities and directly contact the ministry for all labour-related issues, including obtainment and renewal of work permits.

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