Labor Sector Improvement Assured By: Julius Konton


The Special Assistant to Minister of Labor, Josephus Flumo, said the Government of Liberia through the Minimum Wage Board is working out modalities to ensure that the country’s minimum wage reflects current day reality.

Currently Liberia’s minimum wage is at 143.00USD.

He said even though  this does not reflect the current reality, he believes  it did in the past when the crafters then approved it.

According to him, Liberia’s current minimum wage is far better compared to other countries in the Sub-region .

He made specific reference to neighboring Sierra Leone whose minimum wage he stated, is around $50.00USD.

Mr. Flumo stated that as members of the Minimum Wage Board continue their ongoing professional work, he hopes  their report will convince members of the National  Legislature to see the need to further increase the minimum wage in order  to reflect current day reality.

He  further noted that a minimum wage of $USD 250.00 will be a fair reflection of the current reality.

According to him, the Government through the Labor Ministry is working very hard to further improve the sector as well as create more avenues for jobs especially for the Liberian people.

As part of efforts aimed at creating more jobs for Liberians, he disclosed that the Ministry of Labor through Minister Charles Gibson has decided to a decisive step in pursuant of Chapter 45 section 1 of the Decent Work Act of 2015 to deny work permits for foreign nationals brought into the country by prominent employment entities, namely: ArcelorMittal Liberia, Firestone Liberia, Cemenco, Orange GSM Company, GVL, WBHOSC Limited, CROWE Liberia, among others.

The denial of work permits applies to various positions such as HR System & Control Specialist, Dedicated Logistics Manager, Senior Assurance Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Engagement Manager, Resources Coordinator, Head of Procurement & Logistics, Safety Officer, among more.

Minister Gibson   emphasized commitment through the government to uphold labor laws and provide Liberian citizens with the opportunity to secure these positions.

“We are implementing the mandate of the President of creating more jobs for his people and we are committed to such in the interest of the people,” he reiterated.

He, at the same time, encouraged the Liberian workforce to always remain focused, professional and committed to their jobs while the national government is working to ensure that their job secure is assured.

The Special Assistant to the Labor Minister maintained that Government will create more jobs for qualified and competent Liberians for the betterment of the sector.

The current initiative, he indicated, is a process that started  in 2022 December under the leadership of Minister Charles Gibson and will continue.

Currently, he said a team of new inspectors will be deployed at various work places to ensure that the new mandate from Minister Gibson is enforced legally and to the core.

Moreover, he bragged that with their new partnership, they are working towards the digitization of data base  for the sector.

“Our inspectors are on the field during their regular and normal routine looking at the job related issues to include : work security , individual performance, work environment, salaries and etc,” he disclosed.

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