Labor Minister Calls For Action Against Human Trafficking


Labor Minister, Cllr Charles H Gibson, revealed that President Dr. George Manneh Weah has planned to meet with the 112 female victims of human trafficking from Oman and other Asian countries. In 2022, these women received training and empowerment through the collaborative efforts of the Liberian government and its partners in the fight against human trafficking.

Delivering a special statement at the Program marking the celebration of the  World Day Against Human Trafficking on Monday, July 31, 2023,in New Kru Town, Monrovia, Minister Gibson urged members of the Anti-Human Trafficking Taskforce of Liberia to continue supporting the survivors, ensuring that their talents are not left untapped. He expressed concern over the widespread sexual and labor exploitation faced by the majority of these trafficked females and called for collective efforts to discourage such abusive behavior by their slave masters.


Minister Gibson emphasized the importance of caution and awareness for trafficking victims, advising others not to be lured by opportunities that may lead to enslavement in foreign countries. He highlighted President Weah’s commitment to the welfare of Liberian citizens worldwide, emphasizing that the Liberian government is resolute in addressing the needs of its people, regardless of their location.

In a special statement issued by the President of Liberia H. E. Dr. George MannehWeah said that Trafficking within the country from rural to urban areasis becoming prevalent, and the majority of in country trafficking   are children.

He said most traffickers operate independently and some are even family members who promise poorer relatives a better living condition for their children, while some promise young women a better life for themselves

President Weah said that trafficking in persons is done with threat of the use of force or other means of coercion, adoption, fraud, deception, abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability. It an act which infringes upon the human rights of an individual and poses a grave threat to human dignity and must be stopped.

“That is why the Government of Liberia has been meeting prescribed standards for the elimination of trafficking, making significant strides by demonstrating and increasing efforts compared to previous years, to ensure this happens. These efforts included significantly increasing investigations of internal trafficking and continuously allocating financial resources to the anti-trafficking initiatives, TIP has the following anchors:

Prevention-which entails the availability of laws, public awareness, education, effective intelligence gathering, surveillance and other proactive activities, etc. Protection-which entails care provision, secured homes for victims and other forms of supports to reduce anxieties and post-traumatic stress; Prosecution-which entails the court process, which is the most fundamental step in the Government’s fight against trafficking; and Partnership– which entails collaboration with local, regional and international partners and institutions for various forms of cooperation and support in the global fight against the trafficking of human beings” the President noted.

He maintained that the Government has therefore made unrelenting strides to address and fight to eradicate human trafficking throughout and within the borders of Liberia and continues to do more, as a national obligation. However, there are still several key areas government needs to improve on and would welcome more concerted support efforts by our partners to ensure we extend this noble fight by going all out.

For his part, the guess speak calls on the partners to invest in the P Prevention, Protection, ; Prosecution and Partnership, awareness and community engagement to address root causes that make people to travel for exploitation.

The protection of victims must be the main priorities guarantee access in the forms legal assistances, medical attention, and cycle-social support. A victim’s center approach is essential to ensure that voices are heard and their rights upheld.  “We must create the environment to ensure that the victims are heard without fear and retribution. Equally is the prosecution of traffickers and their supporters, strengthening the rule of law will serve at as a deterrent to could be traffickers.

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