L.R.A Hosts Inaugural Business Climate Dialogue


The Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) has successful held its first Business Climate Dialogue in Monrovia, bringing together representatives from the private sector and government agencies. The primary objective of dialogue is to facilitate positive exchanges and develop realistic solutions to boost revenue generation.

In partnership with the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, the LRA held the Business Climate Dialogue under the theme “Exploring Alternatives for Enhancing Effective Customs Operations in Liberia.”

During the event, Mr. Gabriel Montgomery, Deputy Commissioner General for Technical Affairs at the LRA, emphasized the importance of the dialogue in fostering a conducive business environment by promoting strong collaboration between businesses and the LRA in revenue collection. He explained that the core mission of the Dialogue is to establish an all-inclusive framework that empowers businesses to succeed and flourish.

Speaking on behalf of Commissioner Thomas Doe Nah, LRA Chief Legal Counsel, Paul J. Hinneh, stressed the significance of the Business Climate Dialogue in helping the government understand the challenges, both internal and external, that impact revenue generation. Hinneh emphasized that LRA is committed to creating a favorable business climate and expressed gratitude to participants for showing up at the important forum.

Ramon Tomas Vivanco Mugarra, the European Union (EU) Program Officer for Private Sector Development and Financial Instruments Cooperation, commended LRA for fostering collaboration between business owners and the government to improve tax collection. He encouraged LRA to focus on effective revenue generation and assured the EU’s support in strengthening this partnership.

Deputy Finance Minister for Debt Management, Augustus Flomo, urged LRA to work closely with the business community to build a strong public-private relationship. This collaboration would help address challenges faced by taxpayers and contribute to the country’s development.

Mohammed Majah Barry, President of the Fula Association of Liberia, praised LRA for simplifying tax payment processes through technological innovations. While highlighting various challenges encountered by businesses, Barry encouraged LRA to utilize the Business Climate Dialogue as a platform to address these issues and foster positive relationships.

Participants discussed strategies to improve timely tax payment, address system failures that lead to delays, reduce container delays at the Freeport of Monrovia, and enhance destination inspection procedures.

The LRA remains dedicated to innovating new ideas that promote a customer-friendly relationship with taxpayers, particularly importers targeted by this dialogue. The successful outcome of this dialogue demonstrates LRA’s commitment to creating an improved business environment and enhancing revenue collection processes.

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